Calling all WOS Peeps!

For the past nine years, the Washington Post sponsors a contest for its readers. Readers create a diorama of a famous scene in history or in current events. The one rule is that all the characters in the diorama must be played by Peeps (chicks or bunnies).

Below is an entry from last year’s Washington Post Contest. You can see more 2014 entries by clicking here.

Peeps Show 2014: ‘I Have a Dream: Martin Luther King Jr. Addresses the Peeple’

For the past two years, Cottage Lane held it’s own Sweet Peeps History Contest and the entries were fantastic! This year Mrs. McBride and I are extending the contest to include Tappan Zee Elementary and William O. Schaefer!

Watch the video below to learn the history of Peeps and get inspired!

You can also be inspired here or here with past Cottage Lane entries.


  1. Make a diorama of a famous occurrence or scene. It can be historical, cultural or a peek into the future. Just make sure all the characters are played by Peeps.
  2. Make your diorama using a shoe box or comparable item of reasonable size.
  3. Entries must include a creative title and description. 
  4. Describe the event and it’s significance on an index card. The description should be no more than one paragraph. 
  5. Submissions must include your name, grade, and teacher.
  6. Deadline for all entries is Friday, April 10th. Late entries will not be accepted. 

Good Luck Peeps!

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