September 5

Collecting Scripts/Costumes/Boxes/Money

SCRIPTS – I need to collect your scripts. No, this does not mean that we are not performing. If we can perform, you will get the script back. I am just doing this in case we can’t. Please give your script to a security guard who will place it in my mailbox.

I will be working remotely for a while, so do not bring the scripts to my room. We need to keep them safe.

Please remove post its/flags/notes, and erase all marks. LEAVE YOUR NAME AND SCRIPT NUMBER ON THE INSIDE COVER.

COSTUMES/BOXES – If you received an email from me regarding your box or a personal costume piece, please make sure to collect your things when you can. You can do this during a week You’re in school. If you did not pick up your box and you did not receive an email, speak to a security guard. They will be able to let you into the costume storage  closet. No one is to enter that closet or stage area without adult supervision.

MONEY – Dinner and party money is safe! If we do the show, you’re all set. If we cannot do the show, you will receive your refund. Don’t worry.

Email me if you have questions. Miss you all!!!!!!!!!

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July 28


I received this today. I don’t have any knowledge other than what’s on the flyer. They are looking for kids ages 11-15.

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June 9

T-Shirts and Hoodies


For those of you who ordered a t-shirt or hoodie:

When you come to school on your designated day, look in your bag. If you do not see a blue bag, ask for your order. The person handing you your locker contents will know where your Newsies merch order is and will get it for you if it wasn’t already placed in your bag.

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March 12

Meeting Tonight

In light of all the rumors spreading about the musical, I would like to have a parent, cast, crew meeting this evening at 6:30 in our theatre.

We will NOT be selling tickets this evening. The parent presale will be rescheduled.

Thanks so much. We look forward to seeing you soon.

March 11

Ticket Presale for Families

We will be selling tickets for family members of cast and crew on Thursday, 3/12 from 5:30-7:00. Ticket prices are $8 for adults and $5 for students and senior citizens. Senior citizens are free on Sunday.
Please have your ticket order ready when you arrive in order to keep the line moving. We will accept cash (exact change, please) and checks made out to SOCSD.