General Information


The SOCSD School Maker Faire is a joint effort of the South Orangetown School District and the South Orangetown Council PTA.

Mission: The mission of the SOCSD School Maker Faire is to provide a venue for students to show off the creative, imaginative and innovative projects on which they have been working; to enable students, teachers, parents, and the community at-large to discover the incredible work of our SOCSD students; and to promote the vision of SOCSD to infuse STEAM disciplines across all curriculum while providing students with skills for the 21st Century.

Criteria for projects entered on the SOCSD School Maker Faire:

  • Any student in grades K through 12 are invited and encouraged to participate in the SOCSD School Maker Faire.
  • Participants may present research, projects, and/or experiments that have been developed during classroom study or through extracurricular clubs.
  • Entries must have a science, technology, engineering, art and/or math component.
  • Art projects should correlate to science, technology, engineering and/or math.
  • Due to space restrictions, SOCSD and SO Council PTA reserve the right to limit the number of entries when multiples of the same research, project or experiment are entered.


Students will choose one project to present. Registration form will include the student’s contact information and will require parental consent, a concise paragraph, two to three sentences, describing their work (this may be included in press releases, on the SOCSD and/or PTA websites, and the program).  Teams are welcome.


Frequently Asked Questions


Q: Does my project need to be from school or can it be created at home? 

Either one is just fine! As long as your project is original work that revolves around Science, Technology, Engineering, Art, or Math, we would love to have you!

Q: Will there be food available at the event?

Yes! Food will be available from Food Trucks at a cost.
We are happy to welcome NOCO, Bongo’s Fries and Kangaroo Swirls Ice Cream.

Q: I’d like to try something new but I need help finding an idea. Where can I get some ideas for a project from? 

If you would like to venture out on your own and not present a school project, there are lots of different places where you can get ideas. Take a look at the websites below to get your ideas flowing!