There is an App for That!

The Reading Rainbow App is a great app for reading. Children can choose to read a book themselves or have it read to them. After completing a book the child receives a sticker and unlocks a game. There are many virtual field trip to unlock through reading and rereading books. The field trips provide children the opportunity to explore topics introduced in books they have read. The app picks books the child maybe interested in based on age, gender, and favorite things. The program comes with a free book for each child per device it is installed on. My sons love to listen to the stories and touch the pictures to make the story come alive. Below are pictures from each of my son’s backpacks. Jack picked a pirate theme and a pirate book. Edward picked a space theme and has earned 4 stickers to place on his island. This is a wonderful app that features high quality picture books. When I was a child I loved Reading Rainbow. I am glad that I have the opportunity to share it with my children.



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