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Product & PSA

Future buyers beware.
These students might be able to sell you the Brooklyn Bridge! 

You will use creative thinking to create your own advertisements for a product and/or service. Make sure you take advice from Media Smarts when building your brand.

Media Smarts states:

You probably have a certain idea about each one – what it’s like, the kind of person who buys it, and so on. People will even wear T-shirts or hats with brand logos on them because they want to send a message about the kind of person they are. That’s what your online brand is: it’s the picture of you people get from what they see about you on the Internet.

Big companies spend millions of dollars making sure that customers see their brand the way they want them to. You don’t have to put that much time or money into your own brand management, but there are some simple things you can do to make sure that the “you” people see online reflects how you want to be seen. MediaSmarts’ new tip sheet Building Your Brand: Establishing a Positive Presence Online gives youth seven easy steps to help them take charge of the impression they make. Starting with tips to find out how people currently see you online, Building Your Brand provides techniques for taking control of your online image. This involves not only getting rid of things that puts you in a negative light, but also drowning out less-than-desirable representations with material that makes a more positive impression. The tip sheet also looks at how friends can influence online reputations and the effects of how you behave in online spaces and contribute to digital communities.

As Apple’s logo states…Think Different!

apple logo

5th graders –  Develop products to package and advertise yourself! Create products that represent your personality. Design, construct, and present creative packages for a product that represents you.  This is not an easy challenge. Products must include logos, slogans, ingredients, QR codes and more. Remember …It’s all in the packaging!
Advertise Yourself Handout
Does your ad include these five elements?
Review the Rubric for this assignment to make sure you have all necessary information.
Reflection Sheet

To find out more about QR Codes, watch and learn about them below. QR Generator Link
Make sure you “save picture as” and only adjust the size by selecting the corners.

Being able to effectively communicate in the 21st century is essential. When it costs close to three million dollars for a thirty second Super Bowl commercial, advertisers better be able to sell products effectively! Selecting the perfect story, image, background, words, and music to engage an audience and sell a product in under a minute is a huge task! By creating their own commercials, students learned to pay attention to detail and discover some fun technology.


The Ad Council has provided access to many of the campaigns from its 60 years of existence. The quality and impact of their PSAs (Public Service Announcements) is legendary, and students should see that ad techniques can actually be used for good rather than evil. Need an example? Check out this video on Reducing Gun Crime (also embedded below).

As part of an advertisement unit, Mrs. McBride’s students learned about another commercial, Public Service Announcement. Public Service Announcements are intended to raise awareness of an issue and hopefully bring viewers to action. After analyzing different PSAs, students were given the task to create a PSA on Cottage Lane’s Word of the Month – Friendship. Students brainstormed, planned, filmed, edited, and showcased their work. PSAs will be “aired” at the Monthly Assembly and/or classroom blogs.

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