Earth’s Systems

Geosphere Task List 1

Legends Of Learning 

Teacher Code TANJAI1

Study Jams-Landforms

Study Jams- Weathering & Erosion

Geosphere Task List 2

Atmosphere Task List 1

Flip Grid Response for Atmosphere

Quizlet Geosphere and Engineering

Quizlet Atmosphere Review

Hydrosphere Student Task List

Hydrosphere-oil spill exploration sites

 Hydrosphere Quizlet 


 You can make a difference- carbon footprint video


“>Hydrosphere and Climate Change Video

Nasa Climate Change Kids Video

Kids Oil Spill Video

Scholastic Oil Spill

Websites to explore!

Click to research the spheres:

Generation Genius

Games Spheres

Classzone Spheres

Ducksters Atmosphere

NASA Atmosphere

Science for kids- Atmosphere

Kids Kiddle- Atmosphere

The Atmosphere

Geography4kids- Hydrosphere

Kids Kiddle- Hydrosphere

The Hydrosphere

Geosphere Facts

The Geosphere

Kids Should See this- Geosphere


Kids Kiddle- Biosphere

The Biosphere

Global Warming Websites:

What is your carbon footprint?

Carbon footprint calculator

Meet the Greens- carbon footprint

Carbon footprint for kids

Climate Kids- Nasa

Geography kids


Global Climate Change- impacts

Severe Weather- Young Meterologist 

Interactive sites 

National Wildlife Federation- Extreme Weather

Weather Wiz Kids

Kids Earth – nasa

Severe Weather

A Student’s Guide to Global Climate Change- Severe Weather

Kids Ahead- Extreme Weather

Climate- kids corner climate change

Study jams

Scholastic weather 

 Brainpop Global warming 

Elementary Globe

A Student’s Guide to Global Climate Change

Smog City

Layers of the atmosphere game

Layers of the atmosphere scratch

water cycle video

Plan It Green

Study Jams- Water Cycle Video

Introduction to Oil Spills 

Quizlet Ecosystem


Kids Should See This

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