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Technology Survey

Click on the link to complete a short survey about your technology at home!

Days in School: Subtraction Challenge Activity

Days of the School Year Did you know? The school year for elementary students in Japan usually begins in April and ends in March with vacations and holidays interspersed. Students attend classes full-time during the weekdays and half-time on Saturdays,… Continue Reading →

308 Updates!

We have a lot of exciting events this week, so please read the following updates carefully: *Wednesday = Book Fair @ 10:15 –> send your child with money if you would like *Thursday = math unit test Topics: angles &… Continue Reading →

February’s Character Focus: PASSION

February Theme of the Month: Communities Support One Another to Make Change (passion) Overview: Passion is a strong and barely controllable emotion; something you really care about RULER Emotion Words: motivated, inspired, proud   How do we find our passion?… Continue Reading →

It’s the midpoint of the year!

Today begins Quarter 3! We have spent a LOT of time together, so let’s take this moment to pause, reflect, and look forward together.   Please complete this form:   We are also setting new goals as we look… Continue Reading →

Angles, angles, everywhere! + Class Challenge

As part of our geometry math unit, we learned how to measure angles using a protractor. Remember these steps: Step 1: Identify what kind of angle (acute, obtuse, or right) Step 2: Line up the VERTEX of the angle with… Continue Reading →

Supporting our Reading Life at home

Hi, families (and students)! As you all know, we are working hard to GROW our thinking while we read. We don’t just zoom through books … we read a lot each day, and we pay attention to what the author… Continue Reading →

Snow Day Challenge – Mrs. McBride

Everyone loves a snow day!   Let’s plan a game and get those creative juices going! Mrs. McBride is offering an opportunity to put your skills to work. Games are due Tuesday, January 21st. Find out more details for this month’s… Continue Reading →

Care Packages @ Our Holiday Party

Hi, 308! Don’t forget to bring items to make care packages at our holiday party. Here are some suggested items: Hard candies, soft bristle brushes/combs, hats, scarves, soaps (Dove), hand sanitizers, cream/lotion (unscented), wrapping paper, frames, travel tissues, hand towels,… Continue Reading →

Should we have a pizza party?

Publish a comment to join our debate. Make sure you have VERY convincing reasons and think through any problems that we might face!

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