I hope your year has been a great one and that your Chorus experience will prompt you to keep singing in the years ahead of you.  If you are interested in singing over the summer, the Bridgmusik program is beginning a Choral program.  They are having a weekend event at the end of July.  I have attached the flyer so you can get more information about it. click on the link below


Bridgmusik flyer

4th and 5th Grade Evening Concert

Tomorrow evening is the big concert.  Student should arrive to the high school at 6:00 pm SHARP.  If you are playing an instrument as well as singing that evening, please go unpack your instrument then come to the Chorus Room.

If you are in 4th grade Band, you will perform with them first.  When you are done you will come into the hallway and find your place in line for Chorus.  We will wait for you.

5th Grade Band also also performs before the 5th grade Chorus.  After our vocal warm up you can go to the Band room.

Concert dress is White top and black pants or skirts.  No sneakers. 🙂

See you at 6:00


FINALLY!!!  The big day is here.  We will board the buses and head to the Prudential Center at 12:30.  The concert begins at 7:00 pm and should last to approximately 8:30.  REMINDER….all students will ride the bus home and we should be returning to Cottage Lane by 10:00 pm.  Please make sure you child has a ride home. 

AYV Rehearsal Update

I HOPE YOU’VE BEEN PRACTICING WITH THE VIDEOS.  Each night sing through 3 of the songs.  Please go to the rehearsal tab for 2 more videos to view.  These include your choreography for 2 of the songs we will sing next week.  Dress rehearsals start Monday.


Most of the AYV Tickets and Shirts were sent home today.  If your child was not in school or I did not get to their class today, they will receive their items on Tuesday.  In the meantime, tell them to go to the rehearsal videos and PRACTICE, PRACTICE, PRACTICE!!!


AYV Tickets and Merchandise

All tickets and merchandise has arrived at Cottage Lane.  Tomorrow, Friday the 24th, I will send home all of these items as well as an itinerary of the day.  Please keep these items in a safe place.  2 WEEKS LEFT!!!  Students – keep practicing with the rehearsal videos!!!