Making Arrays

During Math, we made arrays using graph paper.  We then wrote the multiplication combinations to match each array.  Another way to find all the factors of a number is to make a factor rainbow. Great work today!

What did and your partner learn from making arrays?

Be sure to answer the question using complete sentences and re read your writing. Check for proper punctuation and capitalization.

Generating Ideas in Room 307

What did you like about today during Writing Workshop?  I really enjoyed your thoughts on various subjects, places and people.   I also like how you were using phrases that helps you think deeply, like This makes me think… This makes me wonder… I now realize…

Keep up the great work.

Tell us your thoughts.  Please be sure to re read your work for complete sentences with punctuation and capitalization.

Favorite Part of the Day!

We were busy bees in Room 307 today (and everyday!).

What was your favorite part of the day today?  It is so great to see all of you as independent and responsible learners.  Keep up the great work!

Be sure to respond using complete sentences with DETAIL!  Re read your work to check for spelling, capitalization and grammar.

Cate’s Pencils

Cate has 19 packages of pencils.  Each package contains 6 pencils.  How many pencils does Cate have in all?

Be sure to answer using complete sentences.  Tell us your ANSWER WITH LABEL and how you solved the problem.

Example- Cate has ________ pencils.  I solved this problem by breaking the number apart, area model or repeated addition.