Happy World Read Aloud Day!

February 3rd is World Read Aloud Day – so much fun stuff involved (not to mention wearing your PJs)!
All classes will be going to be “attending” their Virtual Author Visits – thanks to Kristy ❤️  🙂 for arranging this great experience for the littles!!
Here are some great resources to add to a fun day of Read Alouds throughout the day if you choose/are able…
  1. Live Read Alouds on Storyvoice  – check out their schedule
    1. Some favorites of mine:
      1. 9:45 – Malcolm Mitchell will be reading his book “My Very Favorite Book in the Whole Wide World” – watch on the StoryVoice website
      2. 12:15 – Peter Reynolds will be reading his book “Be You” – watch on the StoryVoice website
      3. 2:15 – Judy Newman will be reading her book “Ruby Finds a Worry – watch on the StoryVoice website
  2. Storyline Online – many new Read Alouds were listed specifically for tomorrow’s event
  3. Read Brightly – a few Read Alouds
  4. LitWorld’s YouTube channel – few Live events
  5. 3 pm – Bookmark Workshop (good for dismissal?)  on LitWorld’s YouTube channel
  6. There is a Padlet for the kids (and many adults) around the world to share their favorite books that tell a story!
Here is a great article if you want to read or send to parents about the importance of reading aloud.
I found all of this info on the Scholastic Website, the Storyvoice website, and on the LitWorld website – please feel free to share, inquire, or check out any of the resources they have – visit here  (also through Scholastic’s instagram post)!!
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