Celebrate Black History Month Like These Trailblazers

Carter Woodson was a young boy who would read the newspaper to his father, and this made him love history.  In 1926, he wanted to celebrate Black History for a whole week and he arranged it to be near the birthdays ofAbraham Lincoln and Frederick Douglas.  Fast forward to 1976, we have been recognizing Black History Month when President Gerald Ford wanted to honor “Black Americans in every area of endeavor throughout our history”!  Jackie Robinson was the first black baseball player to be a part of the Major Leagues!  Mae Jemison was the first black female astronaut!  Those are just two important black figures to have been trailblazers and make a difference for the people after them!  Who else would you like to learn about and explore what IMPACT they have made on our country!

Think about what you would like to be when you grow up – want to be a baseball player like Jackie? an astronaut like Mae? a boxer like Muhammad Ali? an illustrator like Christian? a trailblazer like Harriet? Draw about it!


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