In December, we show how Communities are Resilient!

December is the month we focus on feeling “RESILIENT“.     What does RESILIENCE mean?  RESILIENCE means to be able to bounce back when something is tough, even if it is hard! It also means that we are strong on the inside!!

Ms. Mueller taught us that some ways to show being RESILIENT and bouncing back might be:

  • Set goals
  • Feel good about the future (we are optimistic)
  • Can identify our feelings and recognize feelings in others
  • Don’t let bad moments stop us from having good days
  • Use problem solving to reach our goals
  • Being flexible to solve a problem and never give up


Check out Ms. Mueller’s blog for more details about how Communities are Resilient!

Please watch Mrs. Bartell’s 2nd grade class show us how we can be resilient and they read our monthly book: Dreamers

Check out Ms. Courtwright’s blog for more details about the monthly challenge of making your very own Dream Catcher!!

This Month’s Project: Each student will design a feather (digitally or on paper) and they can add different challenges that they got through by never giving up – learning how to read, learning how to go surfing, learning how to get through a tough time – anything that they were able to do by bouncing back and trying again! Teachers have been given a class set of feathers for their students. If you want to print and complete your medal at home, click here.

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