In November, we show how Communities are Courageous!

November is the time we focus on feeling “COURAGEOUS“.     What does COURAGEOUS mean?  COURAGEOUS means to be making good choices, even if it is hard! It also means being brave and doing something that might scare you or make you nervous!!

Ways to show being COURAGEOUS:

  • Doing the right thing, even if others are not
  • Be brave each day
  • Try new things even if you might fail
  • Tell the truth no matter the consequences
  • Face your fears and try to overcome them
  • Admit your mistakes and learn from them
  • Always remember to BE yourself and to appreciate others for who they are!!
  • Stand up for who YOU are and who your friends are!


Check out Ms. Mueller’s blog for more details about how Communities are Courageous!

Please watch Mrs. Fanning’s 2nd grade class show us how we can be courageous and they read our monthly book: The Undefeated

This Month’s Project: Each student will design a medal (digitally or on paper) about a time that they tried something new and were brave and courageous! Teachers have been given a class set of medals for their students. If you want to print and complete your medal at home, click here.

Click here: The Undefeated to visit Ms. Zatarga’s slideshow that has all the info on how to complete your medal on the computer!


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