Happy Earth Day!! It’s the 50th Anniversary

Happy Earth Day!!  Tell me one way that you did / can / will celebrate EARTH DAY!!

Did you know . . . It is the 50th Anniversary of Earth Day!  The reason for Earth Day to have been started 50 years ago was because of the pollution there was in the air, something called smog (looked like smoke and fog put together) was a problem in the air in a lot of cities.

So . . . Believe it or not,  50 years ago, people were wearing masks in public to save them from pollution in the air, and today people are wearing masks in public to save one another from a virus being spread.

There are so many things that have stayed the same over 50 years, and so many things that just recently has made us realize that life is quite different!  Even in the past 50 days, things have been different!

Coach Counihan and I prepared this Nature Walk for you to participate in (maybe on a warmer day…) Hope you enjoy some fresh air! Grab a rock and paint it to make a Kindness Rock with Ms. Piteo!

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