Hour of Code December 3-9, 2018

BefImage result for hour of code 2017ore we start our coding session there are a few things you should know. At the root of all computer science is something called an algorithm. The word “algorithm” may sound like something complicated, but really it’s just a list of instructions that someone can follow to achieve a result. A program is an algorithm that has been coded into something that can be run by a machine.



Candy Quest Tinker Design your own candy troll character and go on a multi-level quest for candy to help your character find its way home. You’ll solve coding puzzles to navigate your character through the human world, while avoiding obstacles and collecting gumdrops and mint


The Grinch Hour of CodeLearn to program drones and a high tech sleigh with coding magic to capture presents and navigate down the mountain to return Christmas to Whoville.



Happy Maps

Kindergarten students will complete the unplugged “Move the Flurbs” before moving to the jigsaw lesson.

Want to keep learning? Go beyond an hour

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