Earth Kids Club: Week 20, 5/15

For today’s students, recycling is a way of life. But that doesn’t mean students understand why we recycle. More than ever, that’s important for students to know! A great place to go to start the learning process is Recycle City, a Web site from the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA). By clicking different sections of the site’s clickable map, students learn how Dumptown was transformed into Recycle City.

This week Earth Kids will show what they know about recycling by participating in a “Recycle Relay” game!
Students will form two relay teams. The first student to complete the course taps the next team member in line, the race continues until all team members have run the course. Teams will be tasked with sorting recycling into the proper bin…green or blue?!

The Earth Kids are sponsoring a Waste-Free Lunch all week, May 14-18!  Decrease the amount of garbage you produce and raise awareness about recycling by packing a WASTE-Free Lunch this week! PLEASE JOIN US! 

• Start with a reusable lunchbox
• Pack your food in reusable containers.
• Use a refillable drink bottle.
• Include reusable utensils.
• Add a cloth napkin.
Waste-free lunches are easy…
• Pack lunches in the evening.
• Put leftovers from dinner directly
into your box.
• Stock up on easy-to-pack,healthy foods, such as fresh fruits, vegetables and whole grains.


…YOU can make a difference! The Earth will thank you!


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