Stories in Holiday Songs

Think about your favorite holiday song. I bet it tells a story! Most holiday songs do tell a wonderful story. Listen to the story of Frosty the Snowman below. Use the Five Elements of a Story to analyze the song. Where does the song take place? Who are the characters in the song? What is the conflict? What is the plot? What is the central idea or theme?

Plot: Frosty is a snow man who came to life, but he had to leave town before he melted.
Character: Frosty the Snowman
Conflict: It is sunny out and Frosty needs to avoid melting.
Setting: Winter in town
Theme: Magic, Survival…

Do you have a favorite holiday song? What it is? Share the link to your song below and use the Five Elements of a Story to analyze your song. Post your Five Story Elements to share with the class!

Have Fun Learning!


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  1. We are doing a short poetry unit in ELA this month, I am hoping to fit this in as it would blend very well with what we are doing. Thanks for sharing such great work!

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