enemy pieRead: Enemy Pie by by Derek Munson

One boy’s perfect summer seems to be ruined when his worst enemy, Jeremy Ross, moves in down the block. Fortunately, though, Dad has a recipe for enemy pie. But it seems that the pie will only be effective if the recipient is treated kindly before eating it. Reluctantly, the boy agrees to spend time with Jeremy.

It might not be Enemy Pie or like your grandma’s apple pie, but these factories go through quite the process and add their own magic touch for a melt in your mouth taste. Watch the video below to see how this factory produces mini apple pies.

People say they don’t have time to be kind. Watch the video below to see how to stop and remind others that kindness only takes a moment! Kindness blossoms…


Read: I Like Your Buttons by by Sarah Marwil Lamstein, illustrated by Nancy Cote

When Cassandra compliments her teacher, she starts good feelings flying throughout the school, out onto the playground, and all around the neighborhood.
Pay It Forward!

Watch a clip from the movie “Pay It Forward.”

Create a paper chain by giving students a paper link every time they preform an โ€œAct Of Kindness.โ€ Challenge the students to create a kindness chain the length of the playground.Collect weekly data and make predictions by measuring the length of the kindness chain. Count the links of the kindness chain, by ones, twos, tens or hundreds! Can your students create a kindness chain longer than the one shown in the video belowโ€ฆ.5925 links to be exact!

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