Smash Up

This is the start of our "smash up" vocabulary video for 5th grade. Keep the clips coming! If a group of students want to work on the blue divisionwords, please let me know.  I will help you organize! Let's have fun with words!

March Madness

This week starts the 75th year of the NCAA Men's Division I Basketball Tournament.  The tournament involves 68 basketball teams playing in a single-elimination tournament to determine the national champion of college basketball. The final game will be held in Georgia on April 8th.  Many fans complete brackets to see if they can predict the winner.  Watch the video below of President Obama's choice:

Cottage Lane will host its own March Madness Bracket Competition.  In order to participate, you must:

1. Complete the Cottage Lane March Madness Bracket.
2. Complete the March Madness Vocabulary Worksheet.  Select eight words from List #3. Complete the bracket by writing sentences for the word you want to advance.  All eight words must be either nouns, verbs, or adjectives. 
3. BOTH sheets must have your name and teacher's name.
4. Entries must be submitted to Mrs. McBride by Friday the 22nd!
5. NCAA Winner will be announced the week of April 8th

(Go Nova!) What are the odds you can fill out a perfect bracket?

Winners Competition #2

Competition #2

 4th Grade

 4th Grade
 5th Grade
5th Grade
 Top Scorers

1st – Mia P.
2nd-  Peter W.
Rachel A.
Hannah L.
Brendan D.
Noah K.
Jonathan Y.
Max S.
Grace H.
Tyler D.

1st – Peter W.
2nd – Noah K.
Emma W.
Brendan D.
Stephen C.

1st – Grace J.
2nd –  Katie L.
Nicholas S.

1st-Grace J.
2nd – Lucy B.
3rd – AJ M.

 Wally Wise  Mrs. Fluger's Class   Ms. O'Brien'sClass  




Words of the World

Words of the World is another great series of videos from the University of Nottingham.  Words of the World is a collection of videos featuring historians and linguists explaining the origins of and history of the use of words in the English language. See the example below.

Here is a challenge for you.  Select a word from your WordMaster list.  Research the word.  Discover its origin and how it has been used in context over the years.  Create your own short video explaining what your learned.  All videos will be posted to this site.  Good luck and have fun!


Make your own photo slideshow at Animoto.

Congratulations to the Winners for Competition #1.

4th Blue 4th Gold 5th Blue 5th Gold

1st: Peter W.

1st: Casey K.

1st: Noah K.

1st: Brendan D.

2nd: Hannah L.

2nd: Julia W.

2nd: Peter W.

1st:Emilia B.

2nd: Kayla H.

2nd:Katie L.

2nd: AJ M.

2nd: Robert C.

2nd: Ben C.

2nd: Sean F.

2nd: Juliet H.

1st: Lucy B.

2nd: Grace J.

3rd: AJ M.



"We're the Piglets" is a rap song by Flocabulary.

Flocabulary is a website that delivers educational hip-hop songs. Their latest release is “We’re the Piglets.” It includes fourth grade vocabulary words that students are likely to encounter on state tests. It teaches the following words: address, eager, entrance, increase, mistrust, resist, sole, sturdy, survive and threat.   Listen and read the lyrics.

Challenge use ten WordMaster words and create your own rap song.  Mrs. McBride will record and post your future “Grammy” to this website!