NY Times Vocabulary Video Contest

The New York Times publishes a Word of the Day every school day since last year.   Followers also participated in their first Vocabulary Video Contest. This year they're hosting the Second Annual Vocabulary Video Contest. Participants create a short video that defines or teaches any of the words in their 1,200 words strong collection.

1. You must be 13 to 19 years old. (*Keep reading!)
2. Deadline is Nov. 11 at 7 a.m. Eastern to do it.
3. In case you have an older sibling, here are all the rules and regulations.

Some inspiration from past winners, are below.

Why should your age stop you from being creative.

Let's "Use your imagination. You can act the word out, animate it, use puppets, draw, sing a song, create a dance, incorporate photographs, create a Claymation, or anything else that will help viewers understand and learn your word." too!

Select any word from 4th or 5th grade lists and follow the same guidelines as the NY Times, but post the link to this blog page instead.

W~ORD 7 News

John Oliver uses his humor to team up with Cookie Monster. Together they create this hilarious 5-minute news video. It is a parody about words in the headlines. (Parody is the imitation of the style of a particular writer with deliberate exaggeration for humor.) In this case John does a great job exaggerating a newscaster's report.  His creative writing skills introduce new vocabulary to the young Sesame Street audience and keep adults laughing alongside their toddler.

Recruiting all Cottage Lane students!  
Create a similar broadcast with five words from your vocabulary list and be the next featured video on this blog!

Competition #3

Congratulations to all Cottage Lane students.  Keep up the great work.

  4th Grade 5th Grade
Wally Wise Winners Mrs. Sutton & mrs. Foreman's Class Mrs. Heilbronn & Mrs. Moran's Class
Gold Division: 1st Place Chris B. Brenda D., Noak K., &  Maddie B.
Gold Division: 2nd Place Max M. Peter W., Mia P.,
Hannah L., & Vienna G.
Gold Division: 3rd Place Jules. C, Claire C., & Ava C. ———-
Blue Division: 1st Place Amalia C. Katie L.
Blue Division: 2nd Place Olivia J. & Michael V. Olivia S.
Blue Division: 3rd Place —– Sarah T.,
Danny O., & Danny P.


We are Amid



Please respond with a well-developed comment.  Consider these questions:

  • How does this poem make you feel?
  • What belief/ideas does it make you contemplate?
  • Does it inspire you to act? How?
  • Why do you think the author wrote it?


Stop Frame Animator is a cool tool for creating animated stop motion movies. Creating an animated stop motion video for vocabulary words has never been more fun!  To get started select a background scene, then drag your characters into place. (Only wooden manikins are available.) You can position the manikins' arms and legs in every scene. After choosing your scene and characters you can add some other props, sound effects and music to your video by selecting them from the Stop Frame Animator gallery. Have fun and make your word come alive! See Mrs. McBride about a class username and password.  

Check out our 5th Grade Gold animations!

Olivia's jubilant  Mia's trepidation Katie's obscure Stephen's curtail
Julia's poach Vienna & Maddie's turbulence Peter's conformist Danny's maverick
Emma's inkling Hannah's trivial    
  Emma & Julia's Implore    

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Ingrid's sap Claire & Kristen's Waft Henry's contour Jaden's pummel
Max's century (100) Erin's hearty Kellie & Marley's snub Melanie's busybody