National Spelling Bee

MallaBeeThere is a student from our area competing in this year’s National Spelling Bee. Sravanth Mohan Malla is a fifth-grader from Rockland County, New York.  Here’s part of Sravanth’s profile on the National Spelling Bee website: Sravanth is active and has diverse interests: In addition to his love of skiing, drawing, and playing video games, he also enjoys playing lacrosse and basketball. In between those activities, he also finds time to learn to play the saxophone and research other things that interest him. Though it’s NBA superstar Kobe Bryant he’d most love to meet, it’s his sister, Sanjana, who is his role model. He admires her for her work ethic and patience, and he hopes to some day be like her.


  • Preliminaries: Wednesday, May 27, 8am – 4:45pm EDT. Streaming live on ESPN3.
  • Semifinals: Thursday, May 28, 10am – 1pm EDT. Live on ESPN2.
  • Championship Finals: Thursday, May 28, 8pm – 10pm EDT. Live on ESPN.


One of the best things about all of these challenges is that students can see the importance of understanding word origins and root words in determining how to spell a word.

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