Just do it!

Do you know that if you read for 14.2 minutes per day, you will be exposed to 1,146,000 words per year?

Recommend a good book and share this superpower. Post your recommendation below.

8 thoughts on “Just do it!

  1. Dear viewers,
    If you like singing rabbits, happy cheerleeders and cute puppies, then you should not read The throne of Fire by Rick Riordan. The thrilling book,The throne of fire is about two magic using kids-Carter and Sadie- that try to stop destruction and chaos. Will they succeed or will chaos rule the earth? Read to find out who are there enemies and allies?

  2. I read this amazing book over the summer called The Path of Names. It's about a girl named Dahlia who's going to a sleepaway camp where her brother is a counselor. She doesn't want to go at all but when she starts getting strange dreams, it's up to her to save campers stuck in a maze.

  3. I personally like action books, and if you do too I think that the book series Nerds would be a good book to read. Whenever I am reading it, I feel like I am one of the main characters in the book.

  4. Dear viewers,
    Stuart Little written by E. B. White is an amazing book. Mrs. Little had a baby but she actually had a mouse. He goes to the city everyday and finds some thrilling and amazing things to do. But when his best friend fly’s away because a cat gave her a note that warned here that the bird was going to be eaten by the cat so he goes on a journey to find … oops I said to much. You’ll have to read the book to find out what happens next!

    This book was recommended by Sofia D.

  5. Dear viewers,
    If you like adventure and fantasy then you would like to read this interesting book called Where The Mountain Meets The Moon by Grace Lin. In this book a girl named Minli goes on an mysterious adventure to the Never- Ending Mountain where she tries to change her family’s fortune. Will she ever get to the Never-Ending Mountain or not? Read the book to find out!

  6. Dear viewers,
    Do you enjoy James Patterson books? Do you enjoy adventure books? If you said, “Yes,” you will love this book. It’s about four kids named Tommy, Storm, (aka Stephanie) Bick, (aka Bickford) and Beck (aka Rebecca) Kidd. Their father passed away during a terrible storm on their boat, The Lost. The Kidds are jubilant when something astonishing occurs. This book is another definition for adventure. I would totally recommend it to adults to.

  7. The book I am recommending is Winter Sky by Patrica Reilly Giff. It is mystery and realistic fiction. Other books by her are good too. It is about a girl named Siria. The mystery in this book is that somebody in the neighborhood is setting of fires. Siria and her best friend, Laila are trying to find the person that is setting the fires. It is a really good book.
    Esther T.

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