We are Amid



Please respond with a well-developed comment.  Consider these questions:

  • How does this poem make you feel?
  • What belief/ideas does it make you contemplate?
  • Does it inspire you to act? How?
  • Why do you think the author wrote it?

70 thoughts on “We are Amid

  1. The poem suggests that no one is perfect. The poem inspires us to accept each other's differences and get along. The poem makes me feel grateful for who I am.

  2. This poem makes me think that nobody's perfect. No matter how mean someone is or how nice they are, there's always another side to them. It gives you the feeling that if you dislike someone, maybe you can become friends with them and find their good side. A shy person can be loud and disruptive. A lazy person can be alive and active. People are swirling emotions that affects thier actions, but you should always have an open mind.

    • Thank you Stephen C for putting thought into your comment. I also think it would be great if everyone had an open mind about things, and I agree about people having different sides to them. That's kind of what I was thinking when I wrote this.


  3. The author's purpose for "We Are Amid" is to tell the reader that we are all part of one whole.  He/She tries to convey the message to stand out and be ourselves.  When I read the poem, I had mixed feelings because it talks about varying kinds of people, from kind to evil. "We Are Amid" makes me think about everybody being part of a united whole. 

    • Thank you Olivia S. for commenting on my poem. I think you are right that there are all kinds of people and traits that make up who we are as individuals and as a group. 

  4. This poem made me feel like I’m not alone.This poem reminds me of the borg. They’re like a collective group but offer their own knowledge. They are many but act as one. I will try to be nicer to people and accept them. The author probably wrote this to show that we have flaws. Accept yourself and continuously improve and shine.

  5. This poem makes me feel like someone who is different from all other people but the same, too. We are all one yet seperate people. It inspires me to help people and accept who all people are. The author was feeling a lot of mixed emotions about people and how they share themseleves with the world.

  6. This poem makes me believe that it is okay to be yourself, because everyone is among all of these words. Some people's traits just shine through more than others. We all have something to hide. And we all have something to show. The poem inspires you to let your traits shine through, because it shows that it is okay to. I think that the author wrote the poem to show that it is okay to be yourself.

    • Hannah L., that is one of the things I was thinking when I wrote this. There are a lot of people in the world who don't let their true selves show because they are scared they won't be accepted. Be yourself!

  7. Because of this poem,I think there is nobody in this world that is the "better" person in this world. Also, If a bully, the person being bullied and the bystander read the poem, they could relate to each other and could be friends. I also think that from this poem, everyone is hiding something wonderful in them. Lastly, I think that after the whole world reads this, the whole world will be a better place.

    • Isabella S., wouldn't it be great if reading a poem made the world a better place? What a nice concept.  Yes people do hide wonderful things about themselves sometimes.  Nice point about the bully and bystander! 

  8. This poem makes me feel inspired and calm. The poem makes me think about the movie Radio Rebel. The poem inspires me to help people who won’t show people who they are. I think the author wrote it so he/she could show all the different types of people you could be. You could be shy and lazy or sporty and popular. Just be you! 

    • Rachel A., I have seen Radio Rebel and I am happy that my poem inspires you. I'm glad you understand the message about being yourself and all the different kinds of traits and personalities we see and sometimes don't see! 

  9. This poem makes me feel satisfied with myself. We all are special in our own way.It makes me think about bullying because we all have flaws and a special talent, and we are also very different in our own way. “We are Amid”shows we can be friendly if we accept others. This author wrote this because we all have flaws and differences and that is what makes us special.

  10. This poem is a creative way to describe what the word amid means to this author. It made me realize about how everyone is diffrent in their own way.After reading this poem, I think I should be a little more nicer to people. The author probaly wrote this poem because he/she probaly met so many diffrent people in his/hers life time.

  11. This poem represents this giant diversity of traits that we all have. However, what struck me the most was about all the hiding. This poem seems to be from the perspective of someone who sees all. There are so many amazing talents that are not shown. This gave me the idea of stars that are afraid to shine.  What will become of these hidden talents and traits that could change the world? To me, this all means that we should try to bring out the inner power in others and ourselves.

    • Peter W. What a beautiful thought. No one should be afraid to shine. Imagine what could be accomplished if everyone tried to shine even just a little bit brighter? Good thinking.   

  12. This poem makes me realize that everyone has a place in this world. When people make you think differently, you should put that aside because your uniquiness actually makes you fit in. This poem makes me feel proud.

    • Katie G.,I am so happy that my poem made you feel proud. I totally agree with your comment that when people make you think differently, you should put that aside because your uniqueness actually makes you fit in.

  13. This poem inspires me.This poem inspires me to be confident.This poem shows how people that are quiet are justscared to show the great qualities they have.The author wrote this to show that we are all different but still alike.We all have good traits and bad traits.This makes me believe that anything is possible! You just have to show the world who you are! This poem makes me jovial because it says how everyone has good qualities.

    • Julia W., I am so happy my poem inspired you to be confident. One of the things I thought about when I wrote this  was how everyone is different but still alike.

  14. This poem makes me feel natural because the poem talks about people living among others with different kinds of personalities. Some of my personalities in the poem are entertaining because I love to act and unpredictable because I am sometimes unknowing. Even to my parents!

  15. This poem makes me feel special and unique because at the end it says that we are a little bit of all although we are us. This poem makes me think that if if you are feeling    bad about yourself, you just have to read this it and it will make you feel a little bit better by reminding you that you are special. Sharing this poem with others will allow me to show others that they are special too. I believe the author wrote this poem to help people understand that everyone is unique.

    • Brendan D., I am overjoyed you think if somebody feels bad about themselves and read my poem they would feel better. I hope this poem makes everyone feel unique and special.

  16. This poem makes me feel/think about all the different people in the world, all unique in some way. It tells about all the other people in the world, besides yourself. It tells about all those people out their, not just the people that you know. No, There are more people in the world than you think.

  17. This poem makes me feel like we are all a little bit of these things at one point or another. The last line of the poem is, "But amid all, we are us and in us is a little bit of all." This showsw that we have good characteristics, but sometimes we have bad characteristics.

  18. This poem makes me feel like we are all loved. It impacts being unique and I believe that is why the author wrote this poem. It inspires me to be myself.

    • You're right, Jules C. I feel like I wrote this poem because I was inspired by observing a lot of people at an event recently and the thoughts came to me.

  19. The poem "We are Amid" makes me feel like all of the things they said in the poem are apart of me. Each stanza is so different but somehow they go together very well. It shows that everybody is unique. So lets all be respectful.

    • Being respectful and accepting of others is so important Marley W. one of the things I thought when I wrote this poem was that I put a lot of opposite personalities in each stanza. You picked up on that!

  20. This poem makes me fell like no matter what type of person you are, you are loved. This poem inspires me to just be yourself and to respect others for who they are.

  21. This poem makes me feel origanal because everyone is different and you should respect that. I think the author wrote this because she wants people to know that it's ok to be different. Be you!

  22. This poem makes me fill great, good and happy. Everyone is different, but everyone can be a little bit of everything. I think the auther wrote this poem to tell everyone that everyone is different but lots of people are the same. They can be rude, kind, funny, happy, crazy and brave. Be who you are!

  23. The poem makes me relize thet every person is different. These ideas make me think of my class. The author wrote this to show that everyone is a little bit diffrerent. We should be kind to others.

  24. There are many different kinds of people and we are among all of them. The part where it says "the ones who never get enough" means greedy. I wonder why people would want so much.

  25. This poem makes me feel more interested in people around me. The cheaters the well known makes me think about kids at recess. Also I think the author wrote this so when I'm at recess I should try to be nice to then.

  26. This poem makes me think of character traits. It also makes me realize there are many different kinds of people. There are happy and there are sad. We can be both.

    • My inspiration to write this poem was from people all around me. I went to an event and observed people – all kinds of people were there. I got to thinking of all the different people that make up our world.

  27. This poem makes me think of the song our music teacher sings to us. The lyrics are, "It takes a world of differences to make a difference in our world".  It says that nobody's perfect and our strength is in our differences and that it is okay to be different.

  28. This poem makes me feel special and unique. It makes me think about all the people in the world and how we are all different. Some of the words remind me of myself like brave and smart. I think the author wrote this to show how we all have good and bad personalities that make us unique.

    • Gabi P – I am happy that my poem makes you feel special and unique, you are! Your comments is pretty much the majority of what I was thinking about when I wrote this poem! 

  29. Wow!  What an amazing poem!  This poem reminded me a lot of a Billy Joel song called "The Stranger".  His lyrics came to mind when I read your poem…he explains that we all have different sides to our personalities and we hide away the parts we don't what other to see, so we wear a mask. "Well we all have a face That we hide away forever And we take them out and show ourselves When everyone has gone Some are satin some are steel Some are silk and some are leather They're the faces of the stranger" Your poem makes me think that we see and interact with people every day, but do not know the real person we see.  We get stuck in a place where we see only what they want us to see or only what we want to see them as.

    • Thank you for your comment Ms. Early. I think it's really cool that you can connect my poem to a song. Especially from one of the greatest songwriters who ever lived!!!!!  Rock On!!!

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