Do you love words?

Nosefor wordsDo you love words? When will you love words?  For some students, they enjoy hearing words at a young age and begin school as early readers.  For others, they are too busy exploring and playing outside to sit and read. They might not enjoy words until they are forced.  Joshue Henken wrote an essay for the NY Times explaining this exact situation.  It wasn't until he took the SAT class at Stanley Kaplan and was forced to attend Sunday classes did he begin to have "A Nose for Words."  You can read the full article here.  At Cottage Lane it is our hope that we force you to love words.  That you experience WordMaster words and all words to a point that not only you can define them, but you can use them when you speak, use them when you write, and understand their meanings in different contexts. We hope someday you will say the same about your teachers, "I remember best for coming home every evening with his vocabulary lists…unknowingly but persistently set me on my path."

Now check out the image featured with his article.  How awesome is that? Does anyone need pipe cleaners or tissue paper? 🙂


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