Looking for tech assistance? Meet our Student Tech Support

Student Tech Support Members

Colette G, Nico C, Peter W, Philip K, Ethan L, Kevin L, Luke J

If you need assistance or you would like to learn how to do a technology related task, just reach out to our Student Tech Support members. These students can be found in the Makerspace throughout the day during their free periods. 


Having Fun Making Rube Goldberg Contraptions

Thanks Mr. Francesco for sharing your Legos and collected treasures! 

Anyone interested in entering the Rube Goldberg Machine Contest? Let’s create a team and start creating. This year’s rules are available in the TZ Makerspace. Regional event will be held March 29, 2020 at the Engineering Expo in White Plains. 

AP Physics Students Build Musical Instruments

Mr. Keelty’s AP Physics classes applied concepts they learned about waves and electromagnetism by building electronic musical instruments! Working in groups, students used CAD, 3D printing, X-Carve, a miter saw, a band saw and power tools to create their instruments. Each group worked together to build and test each part of their instrument. We are so impressed by this authentic STEM task that captivated students’ interest and taught them so much!

Constructing 3D Figures in Tinkercad

Students in the ELL geometry class were learning about the perimeter and area of 2D figures, as well as the volume and surface area of 3D figures- including prisms, pyramids and spheres. We invited students in this class to use tinkercad software to construct their own 3D figures based on given dimensions and print them using the 3D printer.

Computer Science Students Develop VR Game

Students in Intro to Gaming, Intro to Java, and AP Computer Science classes created a VR game in Unity 3D. Students then used the Oculus Rift to interact inside their game. Visitors Dr. Pritchard and Dr. Culot dropped by to have their own VR experience and join in the fun!

Using the 3D Printer to Help Visualize Calculus Concepts

Finding the volume of solids using 3D printed models.

Students in AP Calculus and AP Calculus BC got to see and touch some 3D printed models of solids.  The region R bounded by two equations, represents the base of the solid. Students need to find the volume of the solid formed by this base and whose cross sections perpendicular to the x- axis are squares, triangles or trapezoids. Showing the slices, helped students to see a visual of the integral.


The image above also shows volume of a solid of revolution using the shell method.

Engineering Innovations at our Fourth Annual Cardboard Regatta

Students from Active Physics worked collaboratively to design, prototype and build a two passenger boat using just  cardboard and duct tape. Teachers, Mrs Driscoll and Ms.Connington worked with their class in our maker space for the duration of the project. Two seventh grade volunteers navigated the high school boat onto victory in the SOMS swimming pool.  A great time was had by all the participants from Cottage Lane, SOMS and TZHS.