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Student Handbook Addendum | 2020-21

The 2020-21 Student Handbook Addendum is also posted for students in the TZHS Google Classroom.

Attendance During Distance Learning

Students are expected to log into their course(s) daily in order to keep up with the course materials. Students are expected to be in their Zoom classes on time and should follow our bell schedule to do so. Just as they would in the building, teachers will mark students absent or late when appropriate. If you are ill or not able to participate in your Zoom classes, it is the student’s/parent’s/guardian’s responsibility to contact Ms. Kropp ([email protected]) in the main office to report the absence.

Distance Learning

The ZOOM sessions are an important component of Distance Learning. In large measure, they provide the needed interaction of a live traditional class. Given the constraints of the medium, all participants in the Zoom class sessions are expected to adhere to the following rules and best practices in order to ensure the best possible learning environment.

Participation in Distance Learning

  • When students are participating in Distance Learning, it is considered a school day. Students should follow the same routines that they would if they were coming to school – getting enough sleep the night before, wake up, get dressed, and have breakfast. This will help you maximize your distance learning days.
  • Arrive on time for the class session.
  • Students are expected to participate in their Zoom classes from a desk or table at home. You should not be Zooming from bed.
  • Your Zoom classroom is a virtual classroom; therefore, all class and school rules apply. Students who are disruptive, insubordinate, and/or inappropriate during a Zoom session will be removed by the teacher and referred to an administrator.
  • When logging into Zoom, you must use your full name. Teachers will not admit anyone not on their class roster.
  • Students should remain logged on and visible for the duration of the class. You are permitted to use a background as long as it is appropriate. Click here for TZHS-branded Zoom background.
  • As expected of any class interaction, participants are to treat each other with courtesy and respect.
  • Offensive or inappropriate language is not to be used in any form of communication. This extends to emails, discussion postings, group projects, and submitted assignments which may be part of or an extension of the Zoom session.
  • Taking screenshots or screen recordings of virtual classrooms without explicit permission from the teacher and class members is not permitted.
  • While participating in distance learning, students are expected to follow all school and class rules regarding academic integrity. Any form of plagiarism and/or cheating will be addressed as per our student handbook.

In Class Expectations:

  • Students are expected to bring their Chromebook, Chromebook charger, and personal protective shield with them to each class. Chromebooks should be charged prior to arriving at school.
  • Classroom furniture has been placed to maximize classroom space. Students should not move any desks unless directed by the teacher. Students should also sit at the desk assigned to them by their teacher.
  • Masks must be worn at all times in their classrooms.
  • At the beginning and end of each class, students should wipe their work stations down in each classroom with the provided, approved cleaning products.


Students are not permitted to congregate in bathrooms. If there is another person in the bathroom while you are present, you are expected to wear your mask and to practice social distancing.


Students will be permitted to remove their mask when eating. As masks will not be used while eating, six feet of social distancing must be maintained throughout the duration of the lunch period. To minimize movement through the building, students will be asked to stay in one spot for the duration of the lunch period. While many students will choose to bring their own lunch, students will have the option of buying from a limited selection of pre-made lunches in our cafeteria. Lunches will have to be ordered ahead of time.

Students are not permitted to leave campus during lunch or during any other period. Please note that this includes seniors.

Nurse’s Office

Students who are not feeling well may be sent by their teacher to the nurse. Before sending a student, the teacher will call down to the health office to make sure there is availability for the student in need.


Lockers will not be used until further notice. This is to ensure safe social distancing.

Locker Room

Locker rooms will not be used until further notice. Students will not change for Physical Education class. This is to ensure safe social distancing. Students are expected to wear clothing appropriate for physical activity on the days that they have Physical Education class.


All students will be expected to wear a mask during the school day. This includes while being in a classroom. All individuals are expected to wear a mask or face covering when in common areas like hallways, lobbies, etc. Students are expected to comply when directed to put their masks on. Similar to other pieces of clothing, masks are not permitted to have offensive or inappropriate language, symbols, or messaging.

Social Distancing

Students are expected to practice social distancing throughout the building. Classrooms have been set up to facilitate this. While in hallways and other common spaces, students are expected to maintain social distance (6 feet) from their peers. Many of our hallways have been converted into one-way hallways. Students are expected to follow all posted directionals. We will use a staggered dismissal procedure at the end of each period to help facilitate social distancing. Students are expected to follow this procedure when leaving class at the end of each period.

Study Halls

All students have been assigned to a lunch period and study halls when not assigned to a class. All students are expected to be in their assigned study halls for the duration of the period. Students should follow the same expectations as described above for classroom behavior.

Arrival and Dismissal

Students should enter and leave the building at their assigned location. When students arrive they will report directly to their first period classes. Students cannot congregate in hallways or other common spaces. At the end of the day, we will use a staggered dismissal to facilitate social distancing. Students will be dismissed by section of the alphabet. Students are expected to leave the building at the end of the school day.


We will begin the school year with clubs meeting virtually. We will share more information on when and how clubs meet once the school year starts.

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