Tappan Zee High School

Disciplinary Procedures

In most cases, teachers will be responsible for student discipline through their own effective classroom management. They will refer to the administration any student who commits a serious breach of school regulations or who is a continual disruption. Non-certified personnel will refer students to certified personnel for disciplinary action. Parental involvement will be requested, whenever possible, in the early stages of any problem handled by an administrator. The counseling department and school psychologists will assist in working with students having impulse control problems.

When possible, discipline will be applied in the area where the violation occurred, for example, violation of bus regulations may result in curtailment of bus privileges. Each case of a violation of district or school rules will be reviewed individually, and appropriate and reasonable penalties will be determined by the administrative staff.

Co-curricular clubs and athletic teams fall under the auspices of the Code of Conduct. Any reports of school misconduct that result in school consequences may result in co-curricular and/or athletic consequences as well. Any misconduct that takes place in co-curricular activities or athletics may result in a school consequence, in addition to any co-curricular consequence that is assigned.

Participation in the prom and graduation ceremony is a privilege and can be jeopardized based on a student’s discipline record.

Student lockers, cars parked on school property, backpacks and students’ cell phones may be searched by school personnel if there is reasonable suspicion of a violation of the District Code of Conduct.

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