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College Applications & Admissions

Students’ college applications are processed through the Counseling Department.

Students must schedule an appointment with their school counselor to submit their transcript request forms. A transcript request form should be completed for every college to which a student applies.

Allow at least three (3) weeks processing time for your application. To meet a January 1 deadline, school counselors must receive completed applications no later than December 5. Deadlines are keenly observed in college admissions offices, so please help us help you meet them.

View the Common Application Tip Sheet & FAQ.

Complete applications should include:

Items the Counseling Department is responsible for:

  • Your transcript
  • A list of senior courses (on the transcript)
  • School counselor recommendation
  • Fall semester senior grades
  • Final transcript

Items students are responsible for:

  • The actual application itself (should be submitted online)
  • The required essays (may be submitted online)
  • Application fee (may be paid online)
  • Student resume (may be submitted online)
  • A 9″ by 12″ envelope addressed to each college including postage that does not accept applications online

College Admissions Criteria

While colleges usually look at “the whole person” when making their decision among thousands of applicants, the academic background is the most important factor. College admissions criteria include the following:

1. High school academic record which includes the following information:

  • Three-year high school average – GPA is computed at the end of junior year
  • Level of academic difficulty of courses
  • Number of courses taken
  • Final grades in each course

2. SAT I or ACT Scores

3. Senior mid-year grades

4. Application essay(s) and/or personal statement

5. Recommendations from teachers and school counselor, who can speak to special qualities which may not be reflected in grades.

6. Extracurricular activities pursued in school or outside which demonstrate talents such as musical, athletic or leadership skills; community service; employment; and interest-specific summer experience can weigh quite heavily. Commitment and depth of involvement in a small number of activities are more important than superficial involvement in a large number of different activities.

7. Personal interview conducted either on-campus or locally by an alumnus.

8. Alumni or legacy status may tip the balance when all else seems equal.

View sample applicant resumes:

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