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College Admissions

College Application Procedures

The Counseling Department sends out supporting documents for students’ college applications. Please click this link for Transcript Request Form Procedures and links your counselor’s transcript request form.

The Transcript Request Form will ask you to confirm the following:

  •  I have matched my Common Application Account with my Naviance account. Click here for instructions.
  • I have completed the Junior Questionnaire found in the “About Me” section of Naviance for my counselor letter of recommendation. Also, I have reminded my parents to complete the Parent Perspective Form.
  •  I have sent my counselor a copy of my student resume. 
  • I understand that test scores have to be sent by me to the colleges/universities I am applying to by sending my scores officially through my CollegeBoard or ACT account.

*Please refer to the Common App Tip Sheet for answers to commonly asked questions about Data Input.

In a more typical year, college admission representatives from 100+ colleges would be visiting TZHS to provide in-person information sessions to students. Because we cannot accommodate those visits this year, colleges are adapting by hosting virtual events for students. Some of these virtual events are specific to TZHS students. Participating in these events is an opportunity to connect with the person who will likely be reading your application. Below are the steps for students to register for college virtual meetings:

  1. Log into Naviance Student
  2. Click the “College” tab
  3. Click “Research College”
  4. Click “College Visits”
  5. Click “Register” on the visit

Complete applications should include:

  • Your transcript (which includes a list of senior year courses)
  • School counselor and teacher letters of recommendation
  • Fall semester senior grades (sent in January)
  • Final transcript
  • Completed application and fees
  • Required essays
  • Test scores (SAT and/or ACT)

College Admissions Criteria

While colleges usually look at the whole person, also known as a “holistic approach,” when making their decision among thousands of applicants, the academic background is the most important factor. College admissions criteria include the following:

1. High school academic record which includes the following information:

  • Three-year high school average – GPA is computed at the end of junior year
  • Level of academic difficulty of courses
  • Number of courses taken
  • Final grades in each course

2. SAT and/or ACT Scores

3. Senior mid-year grades

4. Application essay(s) and/or personal statement

5. Recommendations from teachers and school counselor, who can speak to special qualities which may not be reflected in grades.

6. Extracurricular activities pursued in school or outside which demonstrate talents such as musical, athletic or leadership skills; community service; employment; and interest-specific summer experience can weigh quite heavily. Commitment and depth of involvement in a small number of activities are more important than superficial involvement in a large number of different activities.

7. Personal interview conducted either on-campus or locally by an alumnus.

8. Alumni or legacy status may tip the balance when all else seems equal.

View sample applicant resumes:

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