Tappan Zee High School

Co-Curricular Activities

Tappan Zee High School offers students a diverse choice of co-curricular clubs and activities. We encourage all students to take advantage of these opportunities to enrich a personal interest or talent. Please consider the many activities offered and listen for morning announcements or check announcements the school calendar: for meeting dates and times.

Forming a New Club

Procedures to follow for students or a faculty advisor interested in forming a new club:

  • Present a club proposal form to the Assistant Principal in charge of co-curricular events by November 1.
  • The proposal must include a statement of purpose, name of faculty advisor, potential number of interested students (must have a minimum of 15 interested students) and any budgetary implications. We look for clubs that provide a variety of opportunities for students whose primary membership is either educational or service to the school or community.
  • After receiving the proposal, the Assistant Principal will meet with the student and/or advisor to discuss the proposal.
  • Club proposals that move beyond this meeting are then discussed with the Principal.
  • Clubs that meet with the Principal’s approval will then be presented to the Board of Education for approval.

To renew, the club must:

  • Meet regularly (minimum of 10 times per year).
  • Consistently have a minimum average of 15 students attend the meetings.
  • Submit minutes and submit all treasury paperwork for each meeting held within a timely manner.
  • Fulfill or advance toward the stated purpose in their charter.

Click here for information about religious clubs and public schools.

Academic League
Advisor: Ms. Lai
Location: Room 813
This club engages in team competition against other Rockland County high schools by answering questions based on high school curricula and general knowledge questions, such as, sports, pop culture and trivia. The format is a buzzer lock-out system as used in “College Bowl” or “Jeopardy.” Meetings are held weekly after school from September through May. From December through March, club members will compete against a different school each week. (Best two out of three 20-minute rounds).

Acafellas/Bella Acappella
Advisor: Dr. Wagoner
Location: Room 954
Acafellas is a male a cappella ensemble and Bella Acapella is a female a cappella ensemble. Both ensembles perform throughout the year at schools and community events. Repertoire is centered on 3 & 4 part a cappella music including popular and classic standards of male and female quartet music. The ensembles rehearse weekly, rehearsing together and on alternating Mondays, 3:30-4:00PM, as announced each preceding Monday.

Advisor – Ms. Farish
Location: Room 706
In this hands-on club, students will learn the definition and importance of aquaponics. Students will explore how to set up and maintain an aquaponics system, including proper fish and plant care. The biology and chemistry of the aquaponics system is also addressed. The goal each year is to harvest and enjoy the herbs and vegetables..

Art Service Club
Advisor: Ms. Grasso
Location: Room 707
Students create signs, posters, murals and flyers using their artistic abilities to enhance our school environment and support school functions. This club runs as an advertising agency, creating works and meeting deadlines.

Arts and Crafts Marketing Club
Advisor: Ms. Genovese
Location: Room 712
Club members learn new Craft-making methods and techniques when creating products to sell. Students will make different types of arts and crafts using a variety of materials and supplies. Some of the crafts that we make are handcrafted cards, jewelry, tie dyed fabrics, plus new ideas from members are always welcome. Members will also gain practical experience in marketing these items to sell. Most of our profits are donated to charitable organizations and/or scholarship funds. All who enjoy making Art and Crafts and would like to learn how to sell them are all welcome.

Chamber Music Club
Advisor: Mr. Rossi
Location: Room 956
This club provides opportunities for small string ensembles (quartets, trios, etc.) to explore and perform various chamber music works ranging from Vivaldi to Joplin. In addition to some school performances, groups may also perform at conferences, senior citizen centers, and PTA meetings.

Chamber Orchestra
Advisor: Mr. Rossi
Location: Room 956
This small string orchestra is made up of advanced-level students allowing them an opportunity to explore a more advanced repertoire with a special emphasis on Baroque and early classical music literature. The Chamber Orchestra is regularly featured in school concerts throughout the year.

Chess Club
Advisor: Mr. Resnikoff
Location: Room 301
The TZ Chess Club is open to all students, from novices to experts.  It was formed to promote interest and participation in one of the most popular games in the world!  Learn to play or improve your game, while honing your analytic skills in a fun atmosphere.

Computer Science Honor Society
Advisor: Ms. Connell
Location: Room 308
The TZHS Computer Science Honor Society invites students to be part of a community of learners committed to fostering their growth and interest in the field of computer science. Students who have taken at least one semester of computer science are eligible to join. Members will complete 10 hours of community services, with at least five of those hours dedicated to support a computer science initiative. The members of the society will meet bi-weekly and collaborate on ideas and decisions to help promote computer science.

Cooking Club
Advisors: Ms. Braunagel/Ms. Jacobs
Location: Room 305
The cooking club is a fabulous way to learn about seasonal foods and how to prepare them. Our members learn how to find simple recipes and prepare. Of course, we enjoy eating whatever we make. There are also opportunities to use your creativity to volunteer and put your skills to good use. So, if you are looking for a place to be creative, social, and give back a little too, this is a wonderful club to join.

Discussion Club
Advisor: Mr. Laskow
Location: Room 423
The Current Issues/Discussion Club provides students the opportunity to discuss issues in a non-formal setting. This popular club was founded by students during the 2003-2004 school year. Topics are chosen by the students and discussions are organized by students in a respectful, organized and informal fashion.

Drama Club
Advisor: Ms. Farish
Location: Room 706
The Drama Club offers students an opportunity to foster creativity in theatre. Students work together on scenes to improve their skills or just to have fun. Meetings are once a month with presentations in December and May.

Engineering Club
Advisor: Mr. DeSantis
Location: Room 319
The Engineering Club provides students a place to further explore their engineering interests. The club competitions will range from friendly competitions within the club/school, such as WPBD challenges, to large National platforms where students submit their best designs for the egg drop challenge at Six Flags Great Adventure in New Jersey. The engineering club is for students who have a desire to expand and strengthen their passion for engineering design. Engineering professionals are invited as guest speakers and mentors to help guide students through activities and competitions.

English Honor Society
Advisor: Ms. McMane
Location: Room 414
E.H.S. is a selective service organization for juniors and seniors that confers distinction for high achievement in English language and literature at Tappan Zee High School, while promoting interest in literature and the English language. Students may earn service points for admission during their sophomore year and apply in September of their junior year. Google Classroom Code: hwsp2if

Environmental Club
Advisor: Mr. Newburger
Location: Room C-8
The Environmental Club empowers students to increase awareness of environmental issues through activities and projects. It is a forum through which students may reach out to influence and engage their friends, parents, and community members, to promote sound environmental behaviors.

E-Sports Club
Advisor: Dr. Hercman
Location: Library Computer Lab
Attention all gamers! The TZ ESports Team is a space for all gamers (newbie to pro) to maximize our potential in both gaming and IRL (in real life). We will meet every other week to practice gaming, teamwork skills, improve decision-making and build community around ESports. Join us for our after-school meetings, find fellow gamers in our virtual community and/or participate in our tournaments. To sign up, learn more, or get involved, join our Google Classroom: gu7alum

Film and Screen Studies Club
Advisors: Mr. Robertson/Ms. Sorrese-Lefkow
Location: Rooms 417/418
Participants in the Film and Screen Studies Club will be exposed to independent, classic, and foreign cinema, as well as standard movie fare and episodic television. Meetings often consist of a short introduction of the upcoming film, viewing the film, and then reacting to/discussing various aspects of cinema. We also frequently engage in movie and TV trivia contests!

French Club
Advisor: Ms. Hayes
Location: C-1
The French Club is open to all students who are interested in French and Francophone culture. Activities include scavenger hunts, an ice cream party, making Mardi Gras masks, bingo, celebrating traditional holidays, watching French films, and listening to French music. We welcome new members and their ideas!

French Honor Society
Advisor: Ms. Hayes
Location: Room C-1
The Société Honoraire de Français, sponsored by the American Association of Teachers of French, recognizes high achievement of junior and senior French language students. Its aim is to stimulate interest in the study of French, promote and reward high standards of scholarship, and create enthusiasm for and an understanding of Francophone culture and civilization. Students must meet and maintain academic and citizenship requirements.

Genders and Sexualities Alliance (GSA)
Advisor: Ms. Driscoll
Location: Room 323
The purpose of the GSA is to help create a school environment where all feel welcomed and accepted for their unique talents and contributions and enjoy the full benefits of our educational system, free from fear of harassment or discrimination.

Handbell Choir
Advisor: Dr. Wagoner
Location: Room 954
The purpose of the Handbell Choir is to teach students how to play handbells and to prepare pieces for Music Department concerts. This Handbell Choir is open to all students, but some knowledge of music reading is helpful. Students perform once at the Thanksgiving Concert in November and once at the Spring Concert in May. Meets Mondays, 3:00-3:30PM.

History Honor Society
Advisor: Ms. Drivas
Location: Room 306
The History Honor Society was established to give recognition to students who excel in history and demonstrate an enthusiasm for the subject. Additionally, the HHS provides opportunities for students to develop and share their understanding of the world in which we live. Students must meet and maintain the academic and citizenship requirements. Membership is open to Juniors and Seniors only.

Interact Club
Advisor: Mrs. Feygin
Location: Room 601
The Interact Club provides community service opportunities for high school students. Sponsored by Rotary International, Interact participates in projects to serve the local community. Fundraising opportunities allow the club to hold free events which benefit local residents.

Italian Club
Advisors: Ms. Bruno/Ms. Conway
Location: Room C-4/C-1
The Italian Club is open to all students interested in Italian culture, language, food, music, etc. Members will be able to participate in varied activities, including after school cooking, meetings, Italian movie afternoons, Italian holiday celebrations, and field trips, as well as attend cultural events in the community.

Italian Honor Society
Advisors: Ms. Bruno/Ms. Conway
Location: Rooms C-4/C-1
The Italian Honor Society is a national organization whose goals are to recognize students who have achieved excellence in the study of Italian, as well as to promote a greater understanding and appreciation of Italian culture and civilization. Students must be present at the Induction Ceremony each year and they must continue to meet the established academic and service requirements to maintain membership. Italian Honor Society students tutor, as well as participate in many community service activities.

Japanese Culture Club
Advisor: Ms. Stranges
Location: Library
The Japanese Culture Club will give students the opportunity to learn more about the culture of Japan. Members can participate in a number of activities including learning the Japanese language, investigating the history of the country, and other cultural experiences unique to Japan. Some activities might include cooking/preparing Japanese food, learning origami, conducting a tea ceremony and celebrating Japanese holidays.

Jazz Ensemble
Advisor: Mr. Hughes
Location: Room 951
The Jazz Ensemble was formed to promote the performance of jazz and blues music through rehearsals, performances, and analysis of jazz music. The Jazz Ensemble rehearses one evening each week and performs at school concerts as well as special occasions and off-campus programs.

Korean Club
Advisor: Mr. Hughes
Location: Room 951
The objective of the Korean club is to bring students together to gain an understanding and appreciation for Korean culture. We experience this through learning about Korean language, games, music, dance, and crafts. Also, through watching Korean historical dramas and movies as well as learning about Korean holidays and Korean food which is a centerpiece of the culture.
All are welcome!

Leo Club
Advisor: Ms. Eyer
Location: Library
The Leo Club, sponsored by the Blauvelt Lions Club and Lions Clubs International, is a community service club working with these two organizations to help the blind and visually impaired as well as to volunteer within the local, national, and international community. Leos work on community clean-up and beautification projects, help maintain Blauvelt Lions Park, assist with fundraisers for various charities and less fortunate members of the community, and work and interact with Leos from around the United States and the world.

Math Team
Advisor: Mr. Resnikoff
Location: Room 301
The TZ Math Team engages in an exciting mathematics competition against students from other schools. We compete remotely against students from across the state in the New York Math League, and directly against teams from local high schools in the Rockland County Math League. All interested students are invited to join.

Model U.N.
Advisors: Mr. Muscat
Location: Room 412
In Model U.N. students step into the shoes of ambassadors from U.N. member states to debate current issues on the organization’s vast agenda. Student “delegates” prepare draft resolutions, plot strategy, negotiate with supporters and adversaries, resolve conflicts, and navigate the U.N.’s rules of procedure, all in the interest of mobilizing “international cooperation” to resolve problems that affect almost every country. Every January the club attends a 3-day conference in New York City hosted by Columbia University. Google Classroom code: ckopenl

Mu Alpha Theta
Advisors: Mr. Resnikoff/Mr. Marino
Location: Rooms 301/315
The purpose of this national math honor society is to enrich students’ knowledge and enjoyment of mathematics. Requirements for induction into the TZ chapter include a 90 average for three years of high school math (or 95 for two years), peer tutoring, service to the school, and project work.

Multicultural Club
Advisor: Mrs. Rivera/Mrs Cursio
Location: Rooms 701H/701K
The Multicultural Club is an organization that celebrates the various cultures, ethnicities, religions, and nationalities present in our community. Meetings and club activities (such as the annual International Show) provide students with opportunities to share their own heritage and to experience the traditions of others. The club focuses on the worth and uniqueness of all cultures, helping to prevent cultural discrimination or misunderstanding in our school and community. The club provides students with a vehicle to make their own culture, and that of others, visible in the school, enriching our community’s understanding of the depth and richness of its own diversity.

National Art Honor Society
Advisor: Ms. Genovese
Location: Room 712
The NAHS provides national recognition and opportunities for students who exhibit outstanding scholarship in the visual arts. Benefits include peer recognition, leadership and growth opportunities, college and career preparation. The chapter also offers us opportunities to highlight and celebrate our art program at South Orangetown and the work of our student artists both in our schools and the outside community.
National Honor Society
Advisors: Ms. Farish and Ms. Lai
Location: Rooms 706/813 (meetings held in the library)
NHS is a selective organization that promotes recognition for students who reflect outstanding accomplishments in the areas of scholarship, leadership, character, and service. Students must apply for admission. Admission is open to academically eligible Juniors and Seniors only who can submit applications in September. Eligible applicants must have a cumulative GPA of 94.500 (weighted) and document sufficient leadership, character and service as part of the application process. Junior applicants are expected to have completed 30 hours of community service during their high school career, prior to applying to NHS. Senior applicants are expected to have completed 40 hours of service prior to applying. After being accepted to NHS, members are required to complete 8 hours of service on a quarterly basis.

Peer Leadership
Advisors: Ms. Celona
Location: Room 307
Peer Leadership is a mentorship program in which selected seniors (Peer Leaders) partake in freshman orientation and continue to be a resource throughout the year by making connections and organizing team building activities. Students apply to become a Peer Leader in the spring of their junior year.

Pep Band
Advisor: Mr. Hughes
Location: Room 951
This performing group plays popular music from the 1960’s through today, as well as school cheers and fanfares. The group usually rehearses once each week and plays at all home football games and pep rallies during the year.

Ping Pong Club
Advisor: Mrs. Cabrera
Location: Room 211 and 100’s hallway for play
The TZ Ping Pong Club is open to all students, from beginners to experts, who enjoy table tennis. Members of this club meet twice a month to play table tennis. The level of play varies from informal to friendly competition, with members learning from one another as they strengthen their game. This club is open to everyone who wants to build their skills and have fun while playing the great game of table tennis.

Poetry Club
Advisor: Ms. Gleeson
Location: Room 410
The Poetry Club offers a space for student writers to express their creativity while engaging with others and receiving feedback about their work. At meetings, we discuss poets and songwriters alike, and analyze the writings of both. Additionally, the Poetry Club allows students to experiment with the performance aspect of poetry and build confidence in their writing and speaking abilities.

Programming Club
Advisor: Ms. Connell
Location: Room 308
The Programming Club gives students the opportunity to collaborate on various programming languages, hardware, software and college level programming skills. Some activities might include participating in national competitions both locally and online and creating video games and apps.

Robotics Team (SO BOTZ)
Advisors: Ms. Murphy, Ms. Connell, Ms. Eyer
Location: Room 309/308/Library
The Robotics Team is a competitive team that will raise funds, design a team brand, hone teamwork skills, and build and program an industrial-sized robot for competition. The team will compete in robotics field games against other competitors. Each season ends with culminating competitions for both team and robot.

Safe Routes Club
Advisor: Mr. Novak
Location: Room 409
The Safe Routes Club seeks to enable students to walk and bike to school by making routes safer and more appealing. The club promotes physical wellbeing for students and the greater community.

Science Honor Society
Advisor: Ms. Kilkelly
Location: Room 808
The New York State Science Honor Society promotes extracurricular activity and academic excellence in science. Students must: (a) have completed as least 1.5 semesters of Regents level science; (b) maintained high grades in science; (c) be recommended by two faculty members; and (d) be active in one science-related program, competition, or independent research project (with a presentation) each year.

Science Olympiad Team
Advisor: Mr. DeSantis/Mr. Keelty
Location: Room 319/320
The Science Olympiad Team consists of 15-30 students chosen to compete in twenty events at invitational and regional competitions. Events change annually and in past years have included projects (bridge, car, clock, airplane, magnetic levitation, and Rube Goldberg devices), rock and mineral identification, labs, genetics, tree identification, map reading, design, and laboratory events in Biology, Chemistry, Physics, and Earth Science. Students train and build for specific events in groups of two and compete in those events against students at other schools. Winning schools with the best overall team scores go on to statewide and national competitions. We usually run two teams to allow more students to get a chance to compete.

Ski Club
Advisor: Dr. Cohn
Location: Room 316
The TZHS ski and snowboard club takes 5 trips to Mount Peter after school between January and February. The club takes a bus from school at 3:45 and returns around 8:00 (all members of the club must take the bus to and from the mountain, no one can drive themselves or get a ride with someone else). Students can bring their own equipment or rent at the mountain. Students will need to purchase their tickets (students with season passes are welcome too). Lift tickets, ski/board rentals, helmet rentals, and lesson options will all be purchased through the club at a group rate. There will be an information meeting in November.

Social Justice Club
Advisors: Ms. McMane
Location: Room 414
Social Justice Club is a service organization open to all members of the TZ community: students, faculty, and staff. We are inspired by the great words of Mahatma Gandhi: “Be the change you wish to see in the world.” We discuss issues of race and gender discrimination, economic inequality, and human rights, as well as harmful cultural and media stereotypes. In addition, we are chapter members of Girls Learn International®, Inc. (GLI) which pairs American schools with partner schools in countries where girls have been traditionally denied access to education. The GLI Program “gives students the opportunity to explore issues affecting girls in relation to global human rights, promotes cross-cultural understanding and communication, and trains students to be leaders and advocates for positive change.” Google Classroom Code: omi6zo7

Spanish Club
Advisors: Ms. Walsh/Ms. Santiago
Location: Rooms C-7/C-6
The Spanish Club offers students the opportunity to interact with each other while enjoying a variety of fun activities. The club is open to all students interested in Hispanic culture. Activities include: cooking authentic dishes, arts and crafts activities, celebrating Latino holidays, eating at local Hispanic restaurants, and making/breaking piñantas. We welcome new members and their ideas! Students need not be taking Spanish in order to join.

Spanish Honor Society
Advisors: Ms. Walsh/Ms. Santiago
Location: Rooms C-7/C-6
The Spanish Honor Society is a national organization whose goals are to recognize students who have achieved excellence in the study of Spanish, as well as to promote a greater understanding and appreciation of Spanish culture and civilization. Students must apply for membership, must meet and maintain the academic and citizenship requirements, and must be present at the Induction Ceremony each year. Spanish Honor Society members are required to tutor in Spanish and a variety of subjects during teachers’ office hours and in the Learning Center. Members are also required to perform school and/or community related service and attend monthly meetings.

Student Organization (S.O.)
Advisor: Mr. Hughes
Location: Room 951
The Student Organization (S.O.) is the “voice” of the student body. Every year, each class elects students to form the representative body of the S.O. In the spring, a general election is held for election of S.O. officers and delegates. S.O. acts as the liaison between the school administration and student body in issues dealing with the welfare of student life at TZHS. S.O. is involved in many altruistic programs from collecting toys for Nyack Hospital to food drives for the needy. S.O. truly represents the spirit of TZHS.

Students Against Destructive Decisions (S.A.D.D.)
Advisors: Ms. Braunagel/Mr. Kousoulas
Location: Room 305/310
S.A.D.D. is a group of concerned students who publicize the dangers of destructive decisions teens face on a daily basis. Informative presentations, guest speakers, and/or handouts are set up by S.A.D.D. members to help educate their peers about the negative effects of alcohol and other drugs. Each year S.A.D.D. organizes a “S.A.D.D. Week,” usually at prom time, with daily activities that focus on under-age drinking and high school drug use. Google Classroom code fqqb7d3

Advisors: Mr. Stanford/Mr. Novak
Location: Rooms 312/409
Tapress, the newspaper of TZHS, informs students about what is happening in our school while promoting spirit and interest. It is a great opportunity for those who have an interest in writing, art or photography. Every issue is written and edited by students. Meetings are held on Thursdays (as needed).

Advisors: Ms. Grasso/Ms. McMane
Location: Rooms 707/414
TONES, TZHS’s award-winning literary magazine, is published every spring and allows students to express their creativity in poetry, short stories, essays, and artwork. The literary staff reads and selects all written submissions, while the art staff selects and pairs artwork with literature and completes the entire layout of the magazine. Art Google Classroom code: e3c74jd and Literature Google Classroom code: iewwrbv

Tri-M Music Honor Society
Advisor: Dr. Wagoner
Location: Room 954
The Tri-M Music Honor Society is the international music honor society for high school students. It is designed to recognize students for their academic and musical achievements, reward them for their accomplishments and service activities and inspire others to excel at music and leadership. To be considered for membership, a student must demonstrate music participation, academic achievement, leadership, service and character. Students interested in joining should 1) be a member of a musical ensemble during their year of their membership, 2) maintain an A average in their music classes and a B average in their other subjects, and 3) submit an application for membership in January, accruing the required community service hours. New members are inducted as the end of the spring semester. Club meetings are held on Mondays – 4:00-4:30PM: Officers meet the 1st Monday of the month; full membership meeting the 3rd Monday of the month.

TV Production
Advisor: Ms. LaBrake
Location: Room 118
The purpose of this club is to provide students with the opportunity to work on developing the skills and experience needed to produce television/media programming. This club will be an outlet for students whose scheduling will not allow for them to be enrolled in the TV production class as well as giving students the additional time and support needed to complete TV productions. Students can also contribute to the weekly video announcements. Students in the club are eligible to participate in the Film Festival hosted by Piermont Library in June.

TZ United
Advisor: Mr. Silver
Location: Room 426
TZ United is a joint venture between students, student-athletes and the COVE program at Tappan Zee high school. In an effort to foster a greater sense of community and provide an overall feeling of inclusion amongst all students at Tappan Zee high school, TZ United offers the opportunity for students and athletes to engage with the students in the COVE program in a variety of sports and activities throughout the school year. During the sessions, all students will work on the fundamentals of sports as well as on forming meaningful, personal relationships. Join on Remind: Text @tzunited23 to 81010.

Advisor: Mr. Driscoll
Location: Room 800
Varsity Athletes Against Substance Abuse is a peer-to-peer program in which junior and senior varsity athletes take an oath to remain drug, alcohol, tobacco and vape free. Members are trained to serve as role models for younger children and conduct classroom presentations. Additional activities will be planned as well as program meetings. Juniors and seniors who play at least one varsity sport are eligible.

Yearbook: Halfmoon
Advisors: Ms. LaBrake/Ms. Grasso
Location: Rooms 118
Students are involved in all phases of design and production of the high school yearbook, which is, in essence, a log of the school year. Yearbook membership is open to all students at TZHS.

Yoga Club
Advisor: Ms. Stranges
Location: Room 211
The Yoga Club is a club where students become familiarized with all aspects of the yoga practice. They will practice techniques during the club sessions, but also leave with the knowledge and experience to use these practices throughout their daily lives. Students will learn techniques and drive the focus of each week. They will also teach one another the practices that they are learning.

Youth and Government Club
Advisor: Mr. Muscat
Location: Room 412
Youth & Government Club is a dynamic project-oriented club where students participate in a mock N.Y. state government. Using New York State laws, students join legislative committees to research and prepare bills for new laws. They can also be a member of the press, a lobby group, and even a judge within the judicial branch. In March club members attend the 3-day annual N.Y State YAG Conference held in the capitol building in Albany, N.Y. Club members are also active with state and local elected leaders and elections. Google Classroom code: ovxxitd

Youth United Way Club
Advisor: Mr. Lorusso
Location: Room 806
This club will expose students to a wide variety of volunteer work and community service while partnering with the United Way of Rockland. We are sure you will find the perfect “give back” opportunity for you to feel good about helping the less fortunate in our own community.

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