South Orangetown Middle School

Four years ago, South Orangetown Middle School health education teacher Vickie Shaw and Library Media Specialist Kimberlee Landgraff developed the “Help Card,” a tool for students to decrease the stigma of asking for help. Customized Help Cards and informational videos are created for each of the district’s four schools to encourage students to ask for help. The 2018-19 district-wide campaign launches September 17, with video screenings and card distribution in every building.

“We want students to know that asking for help is a strength not a weakness. Everyone needs help from time to time,” says Shaw.

Parents, please view the Help Card video with your children and reinforce that it is OK to ask for help and that there is always someone who will listen.

“There is a ‘big’ difference this year,” notes Landgraff. “The cards are postcard-sized, instead of the size of a business card, so the text is larger and the Help Card is less likely to get lost.”

But students who do lose their Help Cards can pick up a new card in their school main office or, for middle and high school students, in the counseling office.

Click here to view the South Orangetown Middle School video.

School Contact
Principal Dr. Chad Corey | [email protected] | 680-1101
Assistant Principal Mr. Joe Onativia | [email protected] | 680-1102
Student Support Mr. Michael Ryan | [email protected] | 680-1147
Guidance Counselor Mr. Philip Farrugia | [email protected] | 680-1107
Guidance Counselor Mrs. Patricia Iannucci | [email protected] | 680-1111
Guidance Counselor Mrs. Siobhan Maiorano | [email protected] | 680-1109
School Psychologist Ms. Courtney Malka | [email protected] | 680-1112
School Psychologist Mr. Stephen Sawitsky | [email protected] | 680-1023
School Social Worker Ms. Jessica Inglis | [email protected] | 680-1028
School Nurse Mrs. Maggie Keane | [email protected] | 680-1130

Help Card - Help is Here message

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