Just for Fun

Ad*Access Over 7,000 advertisements printed in U.S. and Canadian newspapers and magazines between 1911 and 1955. Some will amuse you.

AdiosBarbie.com: A Body Image Site for Every Body Because all bodies are good bodies.

Amazing Cat Collection Great photos of kitties from around the country. Because someday I aim to be a Crazy Cat Lady.  

Anagramsite.com – A List of Anagrams Find out some anagrams for your own name

Artomat a vending machine that gives you art?

BizarreRecords.com See some of the world’s worst and funniest real record albums

Colorgenics Mood Test an analysis of your mood based on the colors you pick

Crazy Fads  Find out the popular fads from the 20’s until today

Dumb Laws Real laws still on the books

Engrish.com! View some of he humorous English mistakes that appear in overseas advertising and product design

Godiva Chocolate Because you love me and want to get me a present. Godiva’s open oysters are my favorite. (I’m just checking to see if anyone is reading this…)

Gone to the Dogs What kind of dog are you?  (Click on the link on the right hand side.) Great graphics and fun test. And DOGS.

Magic 8 Ball Find out the answers to your most important questions.

The Exploratorium’s Online Illusions Try “Bird in a Cage”

Phonespelling.com  What does your phone number spell?

Senses Challenge Test your senses through this BBC website

Snopes.com Urban Legends reference pages… find out if those “true stories” are actually true before you forward them!

Whichbook.net Find the perfect book to suit your mood