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And today is… World Animal Day

For all you animal lovers out there, October 4th is World Animal Day. World Animal Day was first observed in 1931 at a convention for ecologists to bring attention to endangered or threatened species, Let’s bring attention to an endangered animal using the popular...

Happy 75th Birthday!

On May 27th the Golden Gate Bridge turned 85 years old.  Watch the video below.  Research someone or something that turned 85 years old.  Add a link for others to learn more about this event.

Supertall Buildings of the World

May 1, 1931 the Empire State Building was completed.  Ten million bricks, sixty thousand tons of steel, two thousand tons of marble, sixty-five hundred windows, seventy miles of water pipes, eighteen hundred and sixty stairs were used.  Sky Boys by Hopkinson and...

The Debt Ceiling

Be informed citizens. This post will help you understand all the politics in the news right now. Click this link if the video above does not work – Washington Post Video Do you believe our government should raise the debt ceiling? Explain.