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Students have been learning about colleges and careers at school. For this monthly challenge, you can create a video or you can create a banner about your dream career .

OPTION 1 – Create a video about your dream career. In your video, dress up as your dream career and show any tools that go with the career. You can create your own tools at home using paper and craft supplies. For example, if you dream of becoming a nurse, you can make your own box of Band-Aids. Record your video to the Career Day Challenge Flipgrid.

In your video, please answer some of the following questions:

  • What is your dream career?
  • Why did you choose it?
  • What are 3 facts you know about this career?
  • What kind of school or training do you need to start in this career?
  • What is a day like in this career?

OPTION 2 – Complete two banners to be displayed in school. On the first banner write your name and dream career. In this banner include a photo or a drawing.  On the second banner, use your research to complete information about your career – its career cluster, training, skills, salary, etc. Your banners will be displayed in the main hallway.

To learn more about careers:

1. Visit this list of videos all about different careers.
2. Research a career at O*NET OnLine.
3. You can also listen to one of these read alouds to learn more about careers. What Shoes Will You Wear? By Julia Cook and Career Day by Anne Rockwell and There’s No Dream Too Tall by Amy Dean.