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It is “SNOW” secret, you are unique. Accepting others for who they are and even ourselves for that matter is a great quality. Watch this video and start thinking about how you are unique – Twisted.

We need to celebrate our uniqueness as well as others.  Consider participating in this year’s Snow Person Challenge. 

Create a snowman or snow woman from a recycled bottle. The size and shape of the bottle does not matter.  This will make it more interesting.  Decorate the snowman/woman showing your uniqueness. 

From this month’s character education book, The Name Jar, we learned that names are important. A person’s name is the greatest connection to their own identity and individuality. Give your snowperson a unique and special name. What does this special name mean? Can you say this special name in another language?

You may bring your snowperson to school to display. Make sure your name and teacher name are on it.

All students are encouraged to share what they created on FlipGrid – Snow Person Challenge

Challenges Due: Wednesday, January 20th