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e3915c8f58c0d0bc153dfc15cb504840Six years ago, Scott Naturals Tube-Free bath tissue wanted to cut down on unnecessary waste. By eliminating the center cardboard tube, they would save 17 billion toilet paper tubes from being thrown away each year.  This is enough to fill the Empire State Building twice! Check out their commercial.

This is not a promotion for Scott. This is a request to not #tossthetube. Let’s reuse the tube as a research project.  Select an endangered animal. Research the animal and transform a toilet paper (or paper towel) tube into that animal.

Here are a few great sites about endangered animals:

Your entry must:

  • Be submitted by Monday, March 23rd.
  • Structure must NOT exceed nor be larger than 24 inches in height or width.
  • Include your name, teacher’s name, grade.
  • Write the name of your animal.
  • Include three facts about the animal.
  • Add one question you still have about the animal.
  • Entry Form – The Tube Challenge Entry Form
  • Extra Challenge – Use Chatterpix App (It’s free!)  Use a photo of your endangered animal to make it talk.  Tell us your animal, why it is endangered and a few fun facts about it!
  • Post a photo and/or your research to this blog.

“Creativity is making the marvelous out of the discarded.”
Have fun!

Some fun games:

Here is a great example: