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This month we celebrate Memorial Day and honor all those who lost their lives protecting our freedoms.  We will have a special assembly with Gold Star Families sponsored by the Vetiquette Program.  We are using this month’s challenge to help decorate for Memorial Day.

As a tribute from you to all the soldiers who lost their lives fighting for freedom create a patriotic lantern in his/her name.  We are challenging you to:

  • Create a paper lantern and decorate it with a patriotic theme.
  • Click on this link to learn How to Make a Paper Lantern.
  • On the handle please make sure write the name of a soldier who died while serving our country.
  • Include the name of the war on the top rim.
  • Write the year he/she was born and when he/she died on the bottom rim.
  • Feel free to research someone in your family, a local soldier or someone you don’t know.
  • Make as many lanterns as you desire.
  • Due by Wednesday, May 15th.

Thank you for helping us to remember!