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diy-sock-animal1Kid President’s Socktober and our Student Advisory Council are inspiring students to donate a pair of socks to others in need. This small act of love also inspired this month’s creativity challenge. So take out those socks you’ve never worn or the forlorn socks in the laundry room with no partners and whip up a cute sock animal!

Challenge: Research an animal of your choice. Once you have researched and learned about the animal, transform an ordinary sock into that animal.

Entries should include:

  • Student’s name and teacher’s name.
  • Name of the animal.
  • 3 facts about the animal.
  • 1 question you still wonder/have about the animal.
  • Sock animals must not exceed 12 inches in height nor width.
  • No Monkey business!
  • All entries must be submitted before October 19th.
  • Here is the Sock Challenge Entry Form.

Creativity is seeing the world in a new way.
Have Fun!

Learning how to sew some basic stitches is an important life skill. Spend a quiet afternoon learning these two simple stitches. The two simple stitches illustrated in the video below are a great starting point for how to sew. Watch the how-to video tutorial to find out how to do a running stitch and a back-stitch. Both stitches will be very useful when making your sock animal. Happy sewing!