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Turkeys receiving a presidential pardon date back to the days of Lincoln. According to one story, Lincoln’s son, Tad, begged his father to write a presidential pardon for the bird meant for the family’s Christmas table. Tad argued that the turkey had as much of a right to live as anyone. Lincoln acquiesced and the turkey lived!

On November 14, 1989, President George H.W. Bush was the first to actually offer a turkey pardon. For more information, read The Definitive History of the Presidential Turkey Pardon and from the White House Archives: Thanksgiving with the Presidents. In the video below President Obama grants the traditional Thanksgiving pardon.

We might not be able to pardon a turkey, but we can disguise a turkey to help him/her escape a Thanksgiving meal. Listen to Wendi Silvano’s picture book, Turkey Trouble.

Turkey’s idea was to look like another animal instead.  Let’s continue his idea.  This month’s challenge is to disguise turkey as an animal.  Be unique, creative and ingenious to help save turkey.

  1. Pick up Turkey near the main office.
  2. Select an animal to disguise Turkey.
  3. Decorate Turkey.  Be creative!
  4. Complete the entry form on the back and explain why Turkey’s disguise is so unique.
  5. Deadline for the Turkey Disguise Challenge is Friday, November 17th.  

Have Fun!