Chirpy in Australia & New Zealand AGAIN

DSCF6418G’day Cottage Lane! I’m so happy to be back in Australia again, this time with my good friend, Ruby.


Kookaburra style



Uh-oh! Too close for comfort!



It’s a koala! (Not a bear.)


Look! It’s a Scottish Highlander calf.


Try to find me! I’m sitting in the Morten Bay Fig tree.


I make lots of interesting friends around the world. These big guys are emus (and a kangaroo).


Here’s one of the best views in Sydney, Australia. It’s called George’s Head.


Here we are with our Australian friend. The beach is so awesome here in Australia. Too bad I can’t swim!


This is also George’s Head from a different angle. Can you see the city of Sydney in the background?


 Here we are in Melbourne, Australia. We sure get around! We’re very cosmopolitan, don’t you know!? I wonder what this long grass will taste like?


We also traveled to the nearby country of New Zealand. We flew. (The BEST way to travel.)

The lemon trees in this country are quite comfy.


That’s my friend Ruby. She’s making grapefruit lemonade. It’s so good! You can ask her for the recipe.


I wonder if that horse knows I’m not an apple?

This is a sheep being shorn by Ruby’s Uncle Tony in New Zealand. Listen to his accent. Isn’t it great?!

51 thoughts on “Chirpy in Australia & New Zealand AGAIN

  1. I wonder how the emus and the kangaroos got along. Imen, the are a different species, right? Also, Ruby, I read something on the internet that goats can climb a certain tree in Australia. Is it true?

  2. Chirpy and Ruby,
    Is the lifestyle in Australia and New Zealand similar? Going to Australia is now defiantly on my bucket list. Thank you for sharing your adventure with us!

  3. It looks like you had a reallly fun time at Australia and New Zealand, it also looks really fun to visit someday. I would love to go there!

  4. It looks like you all had a very nice trip! I can’t believe this is chirpy’s second trip to Australia! I would love to visit there and see all the cool animals! I would also like to try some of the grapefruit lemonade!

  5. It is so cool that Chirpy got to visit such a beautiful place twice. Chirpy was also hanging out with some strange animals! I never realized how close to the body they sheared sheep. The sheep looks almost naked! Grapefruit lemonade sounds really good, too.

      • Finally, Alvin is catching up on his punctuation. But still, that would be physically impossible because both periods and exclamation points end a sentence. And you can’t put more than one exclamation point.

  6. To me, shearing the sheep loked like it was being skinned. Though it probably didn’t hurt so much apart from the wee cuts. It looked very nice and tropical. It’s hard to imagine that in this weather we have now. What’s really cool is that there are some species that we never see here.

    • when it’s cold in America, it’s hot in Australia and the other way around. but when it’s winter in Australia it’s not nearly as hot as it is here. (did you know that they have Christmas in summer!!!)

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