Intro to Video

Using video in the classroom is one of the easiest ways to begin integrating technology on a daily basis to help improve instruction and provide more opportunities for students. Every video you make does not need to be a Hollywood production. Anything is better than nothing and a lot can be captured quickly in a brief clip. Videos can be teacher created or student created and can be used in a variety of different circumstances.

Video can be used to: (all examples are from teachers in our district)

What to use to capture video? 
Uploading My Videos 

Ensemble video is a video platform that the district uses to host, display and share videos created by teachers and students. Each school has their own repository of videos and teachers can upload and categorize their videos.

Teachers are also able to create video showcases which are like TV Channels that showcase all of the videos created in a specific class. The videos in a showcase can be categorized into different subject areas or themes. These video showcases are also searchable by your students so make sure you enter keywords when you upload videos.

This is an example of a Teacher Showcase: