Cottage Lane Elementary School

January Theme of the Month: 

Communities Work Together

Overview: Cooperation the process of working together
RULER Emotion Words: Fulfilled, satisfied, grateful


How to be a Cooperative Person

  • Listen carefully to others and be sure you understand what they are saying

  • Share when you have something that others would like to have

  • Take turns when there is something that nobody wants to do, or when more than one person wants to do the same thing

  • Compromise when you have a serious conflict

  • Do your part the very best that you possibly can. This will inspire others to do the same

  • Show appreciation to people for what they contribute

  • Encourage others to do their best

  • Make people feel important and needed. Working together is a lot more fun that way

  • Don’t isolate or exclude anyone. Everybody has something valuable to offer, and nobody likes being left out

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