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*All student athletes must be registered and cleared by the nurse’s office to participate in physical activity 

Volleyball: meeting 9/6 after school in gym, tryouts begin on 9/7 after school in gym. Coach Donovan:


Football: 9/7 meeting & practice on recess black top right after school. Coach Sullivan:


Girls Tennis: 9/7 meeting in room 176 right after school. Coach Spiegelman:


Cross Country: 9/7 meeting in cafeteria right after school. Coach Kukla:


Boys Soccer: 9/7 meeting cafeteria then to field for tryouts. Coach Freeley:


Girls Swimming: 9/7 meeting in library right after school for 20 minutes. Coach Garrecht:


Girls Soccer: 9/8 meeting and tryouts at field right after school. Coach Andy Didomenico:



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