Curriculum and Instruction

Today, SOCSD welcomed the first group of in-person students (Last Name L-Z) Our Hybrid Model (50% capacity and attendance) offers students access to our curriculum in all subject areas whether they are learning in school or at home. Teachers and staff are using new Dell touch screen laptops, stand-up teacher desks, desktop computers, Smartboards, and Learning Management Systems such as Google Classroom and Schoology to maximize teaching and learning for all students K-12.

This a true hybrid model in many ways, including that teachers are leveraging technology so that students are not missing any content regardless of their physical location. Students also have materials and supplies at home to engage in hands-on activities away from the screen so that they can participate in the same activities as the students in class.

Today was the first time teachers took on the challenge of teaching students both in-school and at-home simultaneously with great success!. Students were able to engage with their teachers and classmates, and some students were interacting with each other from in school and at home. The in-person students attended classes, had lunch, played outside, and took mask breaks under the direction of their teachers. Both students and staff were very excited to be back! We are looking forward to welcoming our second group (Last Name A-K) next week!

We’re so impressed with our entire school community for coming together to make returning to school a reality!  We’re looking forward to a great school year!!!

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