Curriculum and Instruction

SOCSD students began school this week in a fully remote format. Teachers and staff used Zoom video conferencing to connect with their students live, while leveraging other learning management systems such as Google Classroom and Schoology, along with applications such as FlipGrid and Jamboard to provide lessons, activities, and assignments. We experienced minimal technical issues within our schools, and we are in the process of addressing any reported technical issues from students and families at home.

Some of the changes we are implementing in the SOCSD Hybrid Learning Model are:

● Consistent scheduling for classes, assignments, and classroom work.
● Live, daily instruction for all students, whether participating in person or virtually.
● Trauma-based approach to instruction with an emphasis on social-emotional learning.

  • Materials and supplies for students to engage in hands-on learning while at home (Also helps with minimizing screen time)
  • Teacher support for students in learning the independent skills to be successful with remote and in-person learning, including executive functioning skills such as working memory, flexible thinking, self – advocacy, reflective assessment, and self-awareness.

During our first week of online learning some examples of lessons and activities include, students building community through read alouds, working on Get to Know you Math activities with their favorite numbers, participating in science activities by going outside to complete a biology and environmental scavenger hunt, and studying matter while performing experiments to examine the results of chemical changes.  A few other examples include, Kindergarten students studying weather and the effects of the sun on the Earth’s surface right in their own backyard!  Using the materials we send home, these students will be able to test whether lighter or darker colors absorb more heat and build a structure to protect their ice cube from melting. Next week, elementary students will begin their first reading and writing unit, along with the Investigations Math unit where they will get to make some choices on books and the math activities that they want to explore whether they are at home or in school. Some of the exciting technology activities students have been engaged in include, exploring how Zoom or Google breakout rooms function, learning about netiquette, participating in virtual show and tells, and utilizing polls.

A special thank you to all of our SOCSD students, parents, and staff for working so hard together to make the reopening of our schools a reality! We are excited to see our first group of in-person students next week! 

Parents and students can refer to the Hybrid Learning Guide 2020 for more information about our Hybrid Teaching and Learning Model.

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