Research: Databases and Browsers

Dear Parents and Teachers,

As students explore a self-selected non-fiction topic, it is important for them to recognize the importance of verifying information by looking at multiple sources. In the classroom, students have been comparing two printed resources on the same topic. Similarly, when using the internet, students must compare non-print resources. The internet is not a library. The internet connects us with a wealth of information on countless topics contributed by people throughout the world. Students must learn to ask, “Who is the author of the information? What are his or her qualifications?”

The WOS Library Media Center Resource page has paid-for databases. Databases permit the user to extract a specific group of disparate facts from within a collection of facts. The databases listed are curated by professionals and are authoritative. On the right side of the WOS Library Media Center home page, there is a box titled, Web Links. If you click on the Web Links box it will expand and allow you to view and access all of the databases. The list of resources are also available on this page. The usernames and passwords of each database are provided and can be used from home.

Gale Databases password: empirelink

Below is the list of Databases that William O. Schaefer subscribes.

Kids InfoBitsKids InfoBits

Kids InfoBits is the perfect educational product for today’s young learners. It’s a content-rich, authoritative, easy-to-use resource featuring age-appropriate content covering a broad range of educational topics. It features a modern, graphical interface, great new content from trusted sources, more intuitive navigation, improved resources, and much more.

password: empirelink

Book Flix
BookFlix is a great online literacy resource that includes various videos of popular books and literature for children in grades PreK-3. The video story books are engaging and builds a love for reading and learning in our emerging readers. There are numerous titles of both fiction and non-fiction books.

  • username: sosd
  • password: bookflix

Exploring Nature

  • username: Rockland
  • password Rockland

Kids Infobits
Contains over 100 age-appropriate magazines for grades K-5. Also includes Merriam-Webster’s Elementary Dictionary, maps, flags, seals, charts and graphs.

New York State Department of State: Fun and facts Kid’s Room

New York Fun Facts

Pebble Go

The PebbleGo databases build on children’s interest. PebbleGo offers four databases: PebbleGo Animals and PebbleGo Science, PebbleGo Biographies and PebbleGo Social Studies.  Databases are simple to navigate and offer key reading supports such as read-along audio and word-by-word highlighting.

  • Site username: wos
  • Site password: school

  • username: rocklandsls
  • password rocklandsls

World Book
World book web includes hyperlinks, pictures, video and audio clips, a dictionary, website links, periodicals, a citation generator, and even research guides. World Book has the perfect encyclopedia for every grade level! Each of the modules will open with a click of the link when students are in school. Away from school, it will be necessary to put in a username and password.

  • username: south4
  • password: orangetown

Early World of Learning by World Book

The Early World of Learning is a leading online resource developed with experts on early childhood education, the Early World of Learning offers rich resources designed for easy integration into the classroom curriculum. To log into Early World Learning you will use the same username and password for World Book.

  • username: south4
  • password: orangetown

Trail Subscription Databases:

Report Builder

Report Builder’s interactive question-and-answer approach helps emerging researchers find the information they need to write reports. Curriculum-based topics are concise and supported by eye-catching visuals.

  • Username: WOSLMC
  • Password: letmein

If researching animals, Animal Planet LIVE provides animal cameras on live penguins, sharks, puppies, bears and much more! Display the  live camera your favorite smart device or Smartboard while you read and research favorite animals! You will be amazed what can be learned from a primary source!

Watch Blacktip Sharks in the new Blacktip Reef Exhibit at National Aquarium, Baltimore.

Live video by Animal Planet L!ve

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