2018-2019 Challenge

Gummy Bear Challenge

Gummy Bears may be small but they can represent some big words. Your job is to select a social studies vocabulary term and use this candy to create a model of the word. Some terms you might consider: urban, longitude, citizenship, immigration, colonization, etc. Make a diorama of a social studies vocabulary word. (Please do […]

March Challenge: Dinner Party

Judy Chicago created a three-dimensional artwork titled, The Dinner Party. This art represents thirty-nine place settings of famous historical women. From Sojourner Truth to Susan B. Anthony, each woman has a unique place-setting that includes a hand-painted china plate, ceramic flatware and chalice, and a napkin with an embroidered gold edge. In honor of Women’s […]

William O. Schaefer Library Renovation

William O. Schaefer Library Renovation

One of the mindset mantras at  William O. Schaefer (WOS) is, “We don’t do EASY, we make easy happen through hard work and learning!” As learners, students at WOS are curious and always looking for ways to better understand their surroundings. Our students are social, expressive and creative. They strive to better understand the school […]

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