All About Mexico / Todo Sobre Mexico

This week we will be learning a bit about the culture in Mexico!  Did you know that there are 10 different pyramids in Mexico?  There are so many amazing things to explore in Mexico!!  I mean who doesn’t love Mariachi Bands and Piñatas to be a part of a celebration! 

So this is your FIRST CLUE!  This clue shows us that the next PARP book will take place in the country of Mexico!!  We will be starting the next PARP book on March 1st, so get ready!!

Want some fun activities about Mexico?

  • Learn some Spanish while reading Off We Go to Mexico
  • Take a look here.  You can always do any of these activities on a blank piece of paper.
  • Make / Print a book All About Mexico.
  • Share what you want to learn or have learned from our adventures on Padlet!


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