Take a STEP into the future with Dr. King Jr. to remember his legacy!

Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. was all about treating people with kindness and respect, no matter the color of their skin – there are so many amazing facts about his life and how his steps of impact all began with a family that lived across the street!! That moment was when Martin decided he wanted to channel his anger and his confusion into making a big impact in the United States by helping Rosa Parks in Montgomery, Alabama and then speaking in Washington D.C. with his “I have a dream” speech, and so much more!

Please explore our virtual classroom to learn about Dr. Martin Luther King’s life – you can listen to Ms. Zatarga read one of his biographies! 

Your job is to think about what YOU would like to see in the world, what you might do to take the first step in making a change! Share it with me on Padlet!

What a wonderful opportunity to invite many you into the Library for the first time!!  New Beginnings, New Year, New STEPS into the future!!

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