There are SNOW Stories Like These!

This time of year is always so beautiful with the lights of the holiday season, and the gentle snow falling from the sky, and the beauty of the Rockefeller Center Tree in New York City!  No matter what holiday you celebrate, it is always beautiful to see!  The tradition of the Rockefeller Tree began about 90 years ago in 1931 and it has changed over the years so so much – the colors of the lights, the way the tree is transported from around the country, and that beautiful star on the top!! Where would we find books about trees and nature, cardinals and other animals around a library?

Let’s see where the tree came from this year, take a little tour of NYC and then see WHOOO was in the Rockefeller Tree this year!  

You can:

  • Listen to a read aloud of Red and Lulu
  • Watch The Snowy Day
  • Draw some fun winter friends and characters – there are TONS to choose from!
  • Share your drawings onto Padlet


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